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ISRAEL: It’s Been a Rainy Weekend in Many Areas

It was a rainy weekend (Friday/shabbos) in many areas of Eretz Yisrael Baruch Hashem, and as a result there has been an increase in the level of the Kinneret.

In the southern port city of Eilat residents were surprised when a heavy shower was felt for 20 minutes during the morning hours that left areas flooded and many a vehicle stuck in a puddle. 16.6mm (0.65 inches) of rainfall was measured in Eilat during the weekend, about half of that city’s annual rainfall. The weekend record breaker however was not in Eilat, but in Charshim in the Galil, located north of Carmiel, 127mm (5 inches).

Forecaster Nachum Yudovitz reported the following weekend rain statistics in areas around the country. The Kinneret areas registered 69mm (2.67 inches) of rainfall, and in the Hermon area of the northern Golan Heights, there was 114mm (4.48 inches). Tel Aviv had 27mm (1.06 inches), Yerushalayim 4.5mm (0.17 inches), Zichron Yaakov 90mm (3.54), Tzfat 78mm (3.07 inches), Carmel Hills 108mm (4.25 inches), Kfar Blum 65mm (2.5 inches), Gamla 49mm (1.9 inches), Beit Dagan 36mm (1.4 inches), Negba 17mm (0.66 inches), and Kiryat Gat 17.2mm (0.67).

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. B”H! I love when it rains in E’Y

    Akuperma- In Eretz yisrael, unlike in other regions where it might be considered an inconvenience and taken for granted, rain is considered a bracha. It’s nice to read about something good for a change. May we only read about good news such as this this. Keep it coming!

  2. akuperma says: Do you leave in Eretz Yisrael? Do you know the excitement that we have here every time it rains? Not always does HASHEM answer our prayers so fast! and yes, it’s news – so people remember to thank HASHEM for the rain we so desperately need.

  3. This is news as it is the first real rain we have had for the season – dont forget it has not rained since before pesach here.
    Although we say the bracha on Sukkos the real rainy season doesnt start here until chanuka as well it does not get really cold until then either.

  4. Suppose to rain? if it is the rozon hashem then it will and when it comes B”h and thank you hashem for being morid hageshem. and that’s why it is the news of the day

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