Temple Mount Faithful Wants to See State Comptroller Report


The Temple Mount Faithful organization has turned to the Supreme Court seeking to compel the Knesset Audit Committee to publish a state comptroller’s report of two years ago dealing with law enforcement on Har HaBayis.

The petitioners explain that the report was hidden by a subcommittee of the Knesset Audit Committee under the guise publishing the report that cites the lack of Israeli law enforcement on Har HaBayis would “compromise state security”.

The Har HaBayis activists explain it is clear that Israeli authorities regularly turn a blind eye to ongoing construction and other violations perpetrated by the Islamic Waqf Authority and this is why the committee is burying the comptroller’s report.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This group and their cohorts consistently try to stir up controversy with their messianic nareshkeit and efforts to provoke fighting with the muslims who also regard har habayis as a “makom kadosh” under their beliefs. The security police have done an outstanding job in keeping passions from igniting another round of fighting and release of the report would only inflame an already tense situation. The “Temple Mount Faithful” should be ignored.