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Jerusalem to Rebuild Old City’s Tifferes Yisrael Shul

Jerusalem City Hall has given approval to the refurbishing of the Tifferes Yisrael Shul in the Old City, a 19th century three-story shul that was destroyed in the War of Independence in 1948.

The next stage of approval must come from the Ministry of the Interior. It does appear the plan will move ahead towards restoring the building to its former luster, including its magnificent dome since the funds will come from an anonymous donor, willing to place 50 million NIS down to cover the master renovation endeavor.

Of course there will be modifications to accommodate today’s modern society, including an elevator, but the majestic structure will be maintained as it once stood proudly within the confines of the walls of the Holy City.

The shul is situated near the Churva Shul, which was recently renovated as well; and Tifferes Yisrael can boast its share of history too. The shul, also known by the name of its founder, Nissim Bak, opened its doors in 1872. During the War of Independence, the Haganah used the building until the Arabs converged on the Old City and destroyed the shul in the middle of the night on May 21st. The Churva was destroyed by the enemies of Israel just a few days later.

The restoration project is expected to take at least three years.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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