Kars4Kids Flooded with Hurricane Sandy Car Donations


Though most car donation charities did not see an increase in donated cars in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Lakewood-based kars4kids was overwhelmed by the influx of flooded cars that poured in, New Jersey’s Courier News reported yesterday, in a follow up to an article that appeared in The Nonprofit Times.

Owners of flooded cars that did not have comprehensive insurance found that car donation was often the best option for them. Kars4Kids towed the vehicles for free, gave the owners fully tax-deductible receipts for at least $500 and threw in a vacation voucher on top of that. Perhaps best of all for the beleaguered car owners, kars4kids took care of all the hassle and paperwork.

The Jewish nonprofit evaluated each flooded car that came in; some were sold for scrap and others at auction. Those sold at auction got flood titles to make buyers aware of its flooded status.