KOF-K Kashrus Alert: ‘The Very Best’ Ice Cream Trucks


It has come to our attention that there is an ice cream truck bearing the name The Very Best that circulates in the Washington Heights section of New York City that prominently displays an unauthorized KOF-K and OU symbol on the truck as if to state that they are kosher certified. The truck serves soft serve as well as other prepared items all of which are not Kosher certified.

KOF-K is alerting the public that:


At this time KOF-K does not certify ANY Ice Cream trucks.


The KOF-K is appealing for the public’s help in stopping this fraudulent activity. If you see this truck, please call Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum, KOF-K Administrative Director, at 201-491-4610 IMMEDIATELY with the location of the truck so that further action can be taken. We ask if you see the truck displaying a KOF-K,       please photograph the unauthorized display of our symbol so we can take legal action. Please obtain as much information as possible take as many pictures as possible, looking for any contact owner or operator information. Name of the truck and location where it was seen. Please email this information to Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum [email protected] or call 201 837 1967


PLEASE HELP US get the word out by forwarding this article on your contacts! Help us prevent anyone from mistakenly eating from this truck!