Friedman Loses Court Case Against Belz-Affiliated Yavne Yeshiva in Belgium


While Neturei Karta affiliated Rabbi Aryeh Friedman succeeded in his bid to have an Antwerp court compel a frum girl’s school to accept his boys, the rabbis was less successful in his latest bid as he tried to have a boy’s school accept his daughters. Realizing the chareidi yeshivos receive government funding, Friedman managed to win over the court, which subsequently ordered a Belz-affiliated Bnos Yerushalayim girl’s school accept his sons.

Friedman now tried to have the court compel the Belz-affiliated Yavne Yeshiva for boys to accept his three daughters. The same justice heard both cases. In addition, the court instructed Friedman to pay court fees in the second case in the amount of 1,320€.

The local frum community awaits an appeals court ruling in the first case, with Bnos Yerushalayim seeking to have the first verdict overturned.

It has also been learned that the paternal grandmother of the boys, Mrs. Malka Friedman, has hired an attorney seeking to have her grandchildren removed from her son’s custody. Apparently the children’s maternal grandmother will joining in, adding her name to the request to remove the grandchildren from the Friedman home. One of the issues that may be raised in the custody case is the fact that Friedman is not providing a stable environment for the children, moving frequently after being evicted a number of times for not paying rent.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The lack of stability is ONLY because of his frequent evictions,,,,something tells me that the grandparents are not clued in or focusing on even more essential issues.

  2. zionflag –

    1)Nowhere does it state they are claiming instability solely for the reason you mention .The article states clearly “One of the issues that may be raised..”I am sure they are gearing up for a multi -pronged fight claiming many reasons for grounds to take away the children.Just saying that he kissed ahminjahad as repulsive and crazy as it sounds will not hold up.

    2)We cannot judge the grandparents solely based on a single article. None of us know of possible efforts in the past by the grandparents on either side or askonim to have the kids removed

    3)I promise you the grandparents are well aware of all issues if they are willing to take such drastic costly , painful and lengthy steps (cross continent custody battles could cost millions drag on for years and the parents will publicly have to claim over and over again that their son is mentally unfit )
    It could even be that due to high costs or after in fact having sought legal counsel they were advised that they did not have a rock solid case up until now.

    Unfortunately in an ugly situation it very easy for even the biggest Tzaddik to rush to judgement, get caught up, and not be Dan Likaf Zechus. (At least from what I and I assume most of the public knows)the grandparents could deserve better

  3. I think he should move to Iran and open up a yeshiva there and he won’t have problems anymore with his children’s yeshiva and the iranian government will support him financially.

  4. Belz-affiliated Yavne Yeshiva, oh realy??!!
    YWN Israel when will you get you facts straight.
    Yavne is MO Mizrachi high school with no connections to Belz

  5. I don’t understand why the schools are keeping his children from learning Torah? Is he in cherem? I know yidden who’ve been in cherem, or even in jail, and the tzibur doesn’t penalize their kids. Are the schools concerned that his kids will be an influence on others? They seem too young for politics. Any insight, anyone?

  6. I must say i dont really get it. He’s trying to get his girls into a belz affiliated yavneh yeshiva for boys and his boys into a frum girls’ school!?!?
    Sounds like trying to get my sefardy toddler into a ‘gimel’ affiliated monestry… Hey guys Purim is less than a month away!!!