Bloomberg Announces Progress In His Salt Campaign


New York City says 21 companies have met targets in a national effort to reduce salt in prepackaged foods.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the announcement Monday. The products range from Butterball cold cuts to Heinz ketchup to Starbucks breakfast sandwiches.

In 2010, the city set voluntary salt guidelines for various restaurant and store-bought foods. Health officials noted that Americans eat about twice as much salt as they should.

The goal was to cut salt levels in food by a quarter overall by 2014.

The salt campaign is one in series of novel but controversial healthy-eating initiatives on Bloomberg’s 11-year watch.

Others include banning trans fats from restaurant meals and limiting the size of some sugary drinks.



  1. This guy has to be stopped this is crazy people will wake up to late, im telling you 1 day we will ask ourselves what did we let this guy get away with

  2. Those annoyed with Bloomberg’s efforts on behalf of health, need psychological help.

    Whats the potential gain/loss of eating healthier?

    Whats the potential gain/loss of eating less healthy?