Share the Burden Boomerangs on Hesder Yeshivot


While the nation’s focus regarding sharing the burden is directed at chareidim and their mosdos, the IDF is not discriminating in pulling bnei Torah out of beis medrash. According to an Arutz-7 report, thousands of first year hesder talmidim have been drafted, apparently for three years. While the nation is so busy focusing on chareidim who do not serve, many members of the dati leumi community did not realize that the High Court decision disqualifying the Tal Law back in the summer of 2012 also removed the legal framework for the hesder yeshivot.

As such, the military is now drafting these bnei Torah to serve a full three years. In the hesder framework students study for their first year and then serve in the military for 18 months, returning to beis medrash 2.5 years of limud Torah. It appears that outgoing Defense Minister Ehud Barak does not wish to be accused of discriminating against chareidim, ordering the induction of the hesder talmidim too.

Hesder directors are quoted telling Arutz-7 the Defense Ministry did not inform them of any change. IDF officials confirm that the disqualification of the Tal Law removed the legality of the hesder framework too.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Hesder Yeshivah is where all Bnei Torah belong whether Hareidi or Zionie. The Torah clearly calls out that only Beni Torah should serve in the defense of Klal Yisrael in the first place.
    The government of Israel and its leaders must come to this reality and perhaps only then will the so called civil war be come to an end.

  2. From an Israeli perspective, the Hesder yeshivos were a major failure. It was hoped that even with limited exposure to the army, the young men would “see the light” and, as we say, go off the derkh. It has failed in that goal.

  3. I think this is not entirely accurate. I think the draft notices are going to those who entered the hesder yeshiva for their first year but did not file the paperwork with the IDF to officialy enroll in the program. Until now, the students used to enroll retroactively after they started learning. Now, with the end of the Tal Law, those students who did not enroll but entered yeshiva are subject to the regular service. Those who DID enroll first, are still allowed to go through the Hesder program. I think.

  4. To #2:

    You are wrong. The purpose of Hesder yeshivot was to keep boys in yeshiva, boys who did not come from Yeshivish homes and would otherwise have gone off. And from that perspective, Hesder has been an overwhelming success.

  5. Yussel you are correct. this was posted in the “other” media a while ago.

    akuperma, pleasse stop making up stories. the hesder framework was set up by those that wanted to learn and also serve the country so they if nec they can earn an honest living one day. it is a major success. they dont need to steal and cheat by working off the books. please stop mocking fellow jews.

  6. This may scare the Chareidim into planning greater resistance. Until now they probably figured they would one way or another manage to wiggle out of it, but with this going on they may see it as a serious threat.
    I can see some families fleeing Israel for other lands.

  7. If you look backwards you can easily recognise many instanses where the Israeli Government took a drastic action against the Chareidim / Hashem and within a short period some drastic action was taken by Hashem and something very bad / severe happened in return.
    The government is like little children that don’t realize if you play instead of eating you can starve. If you play with Hashem you starve yourself from getting anything good in return.

  8. #2& #6
    Acc. to a study in 2008,25% (1/4) of KIDS from kippa sruga homes became non religious/secular in the IDF and a further 18% became less religious .

    Some success!

    Actually it’s tap on the shoulder to the hesderniks’ to be on board against chareidim,otherwise the ‘Powers’will
    turn on them

  9. Yesh Atid are using people like Bennett as their “useful idiots.” Draft is just a tool for secularization and fascist control. It’s not just about the chareidim.

    End result: no more “Nefesh Yehudi” in Bayit Yehudi.

  10. boys who did not come from Yeshivish homes and would otherwise have gone off.

    Perhaps many of the commentors should spend a shabbos at Yeshivat Karnei Shomron, a 500 Talmid strong Hesder Yeshiva or Yeshivat Kiryat Shemona a 400 Talmid strong Hesder yeshiva before making ridiculous and inaccurate statements.