Kiddush Hashem: 2,000 Bachurim Invest Four Hours Preparing for Elul Zeman


Harav Gershon Edelstein, Shlita, and HaGaon HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, Shlita,
Offer Guidance for Success in Yeshiva

It was two days before Tisha B’Av, bein hazemanim had not yet
started… but some 2,000 bachurim who will transition from yeshiva ketana,
(high school aged yeshiva) to enter yeshiva gedolah (beis medrash
level), gathered in the Armanot Chen Hall in Bnei Brak to hear guidance from
Rav Gershon Edelstein, senior Rosh Yeshiva of Ponovezh and Rav Moshe Hillel
Hirsch, Rosh Yeshiva of Slabodka, on how to properly make the transition. 

The event, organized by Dirshu, also featured HaRav Uri Weisblum, shlita, Mashgiach of Yeshiva Nachlas Halevi’im and HaRav Yehoshua Mishkovsky, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Imrei Moshe. In addition, Rav Dovid Hofstedter, Nasi of Dirshu, delivered an inspiring address.

 The transition from yeshiva ketana, a very regimented system – to yeshiva gedolah,
which offers much more independent learning is truly significant. It can
literally mean the difference between a lifetime of success in learning or challilah
the opposite.

A highlight was Rav Edelstein’s address. He said, “The
way to acquire Torah in yeshiva gedolah is with sevarah, to find
the underlying logic and premise behind the words of the Gemara and Rishonim.
Understanding a sevarah gives a taam in learning, a geshmak
in learning.”

Rav Gershon then added a forceful caveat. “It is impossible to really understand sevarah without yedias haTorah, without knowledge of the Torah. Every bachur must make it a
high priority to acquire yedias haTorah. It is not as hard as one might
think… For example, morning seder is primarily designed for bachurim
to prepare for the shiur. For many bachurim, preparation does not
take an entire seder. They are left with extra time. Every bachur
should undertake at least to complete the entire masechta that the
yeshiva is learning.

Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch said that yeshiva gedolah is a fresh slate! Even someone who was not so successful in yeshiva ketanah is empowered to make a fresh start.

Rav Moshe Hillel cautioned, “Not all bachurim feel the sweetness of learning
right away. For some it takes time. No bachur should become bothered
when it doesn’t happen immediately. If he perseveres, eventually he will have
true satisfaction in learning.”

These wonderful bachurim who are so intent on achieving hatzlacha in
yeshiva next zeman that they took time at the very end of their zeman
to listen to guidance from Gedolim, are the greatest proof that Klal
Yisrael has a bright future.