Feiglin: Boycott Obama Address in Knesset if Pollard is Not Released


MK (Likud) Moshe Feiglin on his Facebook page calls on his fellow parliamentarians to boycott President Barak Obama’s address in Knesset when he visits in March if the president does not release Jonathan Pollard.

Feiglin wrote “On Taanis Esther I realize that time is running out for Jonathan Pollard and chas v’sholom if our brother is not released” he calls on his fellow MKs to boycott the US president’s Knesset address.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. These mindless MKs who are placing the status of a convicted spy ahead of all the other critical and strategic issues of concern to EY are placing their political interests ahead of natinoal interests. The last thing a U.S. president will do is back down in the face of pressure from a foreign country, especially for a traitor who sold top secret information. Lets focus on Iran, the status of settlements as part of a long-term peace process and greater U.S. funding for missile defense systems and stop this fixation (at least publicly) on Pollard.

  2. No Gadolhadorah; obama let 10 spies of Russia go without spending a week in Jail. Pollard has more than done his time. obama, is a bleeding hear liberal to everybody; each a Jew

  3. I agree with #1. The suggestion by Mr. Feiglin is incredibly stupid, although I’m really not surprised based on other stupid things I’ve witnessed Israeli politicians do. To boycott President Obama’s address for any reason will be seen as that he can’t win no matter what he does; whether he doesn’t visit Israel or whether he does, but not with some strings attached like Pollard. The only loser from Feiglin’s ranting will be ISRAEL!

  4. Another suggestion:
    Does anyone have contact information for Jacob (Jack) Lew, the Orthodox Jew who is chief of staff for President Obama? Considering the importance of Pidyon Shvuyim, massive pressure on him — before he leaves to his new position of Treasury Secretary — may work. After all, so many distinguished Americans — Jewish and Gentile — have publicly advocated a presidential pardon for Jonathan Pollard.

    Ditto regarding Sholom Rubashkin.