New Jerusalem Poster: Yair Lapid = iPhone; Both Destructive


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lipThe latest poster to hit Yerushalayim shows Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid alongside a chareidi male speaking on an iPhone.

The poster headline is “The Destroyers of the Generation”, with a caption Yair Lapid is externally destructive while the iPhone from within.

The poster also shows the words אין עתיד in the Yesh Atid font to highlight with Lapid and his party, there is no future.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Cute.

    But the real issues are quite serious.

    Any electronic device can be sued for good or ill. It is not inherently anything.

    Lapid and Bennett have free will, and are using it for an aggressive “kulturkampf” – a war of cultures. When you have them openly discussing how they will take punitive measures against yeshiovos, the students, and against any and all institutions that don’t support the zionists, you know we are facing a major crisis.

  2. The Destroyers of the Generation could easily be blamed on Naftali Bennett and the poster should have been with him. If not for him Yair Lapid would never have been in the coalition.

  3. Perhaps as the generation deals with the challenges of technology so to will some strategy to deal with the LAPIDS of the generation will also emerge.

  4. here in Jerusalem the loonies figure that if you have an Iphone you equal Yair Lapid, they don’t know that the Yetzer Harah can sometimes wear a long frock coat and rosh yeshiva’s hat too.

    If you can’t control your yetzer, even a kosher phone won’t help.

  5. #6 – I agree with you.

    Cell phones and land lines needs to be banned to help us control our selves from speaking Lashon Hara.

    In fact we should walk around with a roll of duct so when leave the bait medrash we can tap our mouth shut to make it harder to speak lashon hara. For those of us who can’t control our eyes or hand just get extra tape.

    D”L communities embraces Hashem’s gift of new technologies and learns to deal with them.