NYPD To Start Photographing Unattended Valuables Left In Your Car


nypd2In an effort to reduce theft, police in Brooklyn are sending friendly reminders to car owners not to leave valuables inside their parked vehicles.

Under the theft-prevention operation, 76th Precinct officers in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill take photos through car windows of visible valuables.

According to the New York Post, the precinct then runs the license plates and sends the owner a flier that says: “If we spot it, so can thieves” along with the photo.

The NYPD says the idea behind the program is to prevent the crime from happening in the first place.

The operation goes into effect next week.



  1. Very infringing, however a great idea and public service! It probably will not last long b?c the cops will solve some crime with this info, and its gonna be considered illegally obtained evidence, or until a rogue cop “sees it” and takes it. As great as a service as it seems to be, a judge will end up striking it down eventually, either that or NYPD will stop the program b/c of too many complaints