Many Chareidi Soldiers to Undergo Chevra Kadisha Course


idffMany chareidim in the IDF are being tapped to enter a course given by the IDF Rabbinate, to train them to identify human remains and to serve in the military chevra kadisha.

Ladaat reports that the IDF has a shortage of personnel to identify bodies and they will take a course, a two-week curriculum designed to provide them with the skills to make a proper identification and of course the dinim of performing a tahara and tending to kvura. While some chareidim took this course in the past, this time around, it will be intended for soldiers serving in an exclusively chareidi network.

These soldiers may not necessarily find themselves serving in this role during their mandatory service, or at least not full time, but the training is intended to provide them with an assignment for the years of reserve duty.

When asked to comment on the program, the IDF Spokesman explains the course is intended for Shachar soldiers, the chareidim serving in a chareidi network. Upon completion of the mandatory service they will undergo the training to permit them to serve in the unit in annual miluim reserve duty.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I have been on the chevra kadisha for several years. Believe me, as great a mitzva as it is, not everyone (including yeshiva guys,) is able to do this. It can be extremely difficult and upsetting. This especially if you had known the person when he/ she was alive, or if the niftar died in a car accident; underwent an autopsy; etc.

  2. #1 So true. Chevra kadishas are helighe individuals who are able to do this avodas hakodesh, not open or advised for all.
    That is why the course is optional for those who want to join. Just like milah, shcheta and chinuch is not open for everyone to join.