Photos, Video: Hasc Center Celebrates Chanukah


It was all smiles at the HASC Center Chanukah party emceed by its president Abe Eisner, that featured a candle lighting by a special representative of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Howard Zemsky, President and CEO of the Empire State Development Corp and Commissioner of the NYS Department of Economic Development. 




Attended by the special individuals that are part of the HASC Center family and graced by community leaders, elected and government officials including: Councilmembers Kalman Yeger and Mathieu Eugene, Assemblyman–Elect Simcha Eichenstein who delivered heartwarming remarks. Michael Snow, Director of Jewish Affairs, Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo who each delivered heartwarming remarks. The Tantzers literally transformed the Ateres Golda Hall into one large dance floor which enveloped everyone into one large circle of happiness.


On behalf of HASC Center, I would like to express our appreciation to all our guests who enhanced the Chanukah spirit; an event that everyone looks forward to participating all year long” concluded Samuel Khan executive director of HASC Center!

The celebration was organized by The Friedlander Group.


  1. It’s just you being judgmental because HASC is the acronym for Hebrew Academy for Special Children. Feel free to donate to this wonderful institution. Happy Hanukkah

  2. It’s just you………HASC is a wonderful place being happiness and caring to our community’s very special children (and adults).. I am personally insulted, as im sure many others are, that you call these special neshamos “props”. Please visit any HASC program or summer camp and you will be so touched that you will be happy to make a donation. Maybe you will even want to sponsor the next HASC Chanukah Party . Just one question: as the defender of special needs individuals please let us know what you personally have done to improve their lives???

  3. I do have a tremendous amount of experience working with people who have special needs and therefore I respect their individuality. The fact that you can take people who don’t have the cognitive ability to understand the event that they are be brought to (clearly a fundraising event) shows that they are being used as props to gain sympathy and to raise money. I didn’t say anything about the services provided by HASC center.

  4. you have it all wrong as this was strictly a fun Chanukah Party for the special needs population served by HASC and was not a fund raising event and was not open to the general public.