Five Indicted in Har Habayis Shooting Attack Conspiracy


hhaFive residents of the eastern capital have been charged with conspiring to perpetrate shooting attacks against visitors and police on Har Habayis. The suspects were indicted in the Jerusalem District Court. The suspects in custody, ranging in age from 20-25, will face charges including attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, contacting a foreign agent, illegal weapons possession and contacting an enemy during a time of war.

Charges have been brought against five east Jerusalem residents on Thursday over a line of serious security offences. According to the indictment, the five conspired to carry out a shooting attack against worshipers and police forces at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City.

In addition, the cell planned to kidnap a Jewish male, take his weapon and murder him with it. Officials add they actually abducted a man near Givat Ze’ev last month but released him after realizing he was unarmed. There are other terror related incidents included in the charge sheet against the suspects.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Israeli Arabs – the enemy within. It’s great that our security forces caught them before they harmed Jews, but it’s a never ending uphill battle as they are a fifth column.