Some Sonol Gas Stations Seeking to Accommodate the Chareidi Tzibur


sonolAccording to a BaKehilla report, the Sonol gas station chain in Israel is the first in the field that is taking a major step towards finding favor in the eyes of the chareidi tzibur. The report states close to forty stations nationwide are closed on Shabbos, and the convenience stores located in the stations are carrying many products with a mehadrin hashgacha.

As its efforts to bring in additional chareidi clients, the gas station is offering a deal in its shomer Shabbos stations, and anyone filling up on Thursday and Friday will receive a copy of the weekly BaKehilla for 4.99 NIS instead of 16.90 NIS.

The sale began after Pesach, and it offered in the Rimonim station in Bnei Brak, in Har Nof (Yerushalayim), at the entrance to the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Hwy. in Jerusalem, the Ramot Road (Yerushalayim), Kfar Chassidim, Netivot and other areas.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Great idea, good for business and good for clients.

    You forgot to mention that many of the workers in these gas stations are shomer Shabbos and want to be home for Shabbat.

  2. Even those stations that choose to remain open on Shabbos could still earn some credits by removing from their convenience stores the many magazines and tabloids with all sorts of pritzus in their headlines and cover page photos. They should also refuse to serve customers that are not dressed appropriately by chareidi standards.