Rockland – Lacorte Calls On Hasidic Bloc Vote To Withold Endorsement of Schoenberger


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lacorteSuffern Mayor Dagan Lacorte, one of the Democratic candidates for Rockland County Executive, sent the following letter today to leaders of the ultra-Orthodox community in Monsey and New Square:

“After a 100% property tax increase and a new county energy tax that hits large families hardest, it’s clear Rockland’s government is failing your constituents. I am running for County Executive because it’s time for a change.

“Your constituents can not afford for this election to be about past favors. I respectfully ask that you withhold your endorsement until all of the candidates, including me, have the chance to share our record and platform with Orthodox voters. Orthodox organizations should host a debate where the candidates can discuss the community’s concerns. I will attend.

“Rockland voters will have a choice this September between a broken political establishment and my demonstrated, effective leadership holding the line on taxes. Orthodox voters have that choice too. I intend to wage a vigorous, grass roots campaign for the support of your constituents. It is very premature for community leaders to make an endorsement.”

(Press Release)