Knesset Channel Election Poll May Surprise


knessetA poll commissioned by the Knesset Channel conducted by ‘Panels Politics’ shows if elections were held today, Likud/Beitenu would earn 26 seats, Labor (21), Yesh Atid (17) Bayit Yehudi (13), Shas (10), Meretz (9), Yahadut Hatorah (5), The Movement (4) Hadash (4) and Kadima (2)

At present, in the 19th Knesset, the parties are as follows:

Likud/Beitenu (31), Yesh Atid (19), Labor (15), Bayit Yehudi (12), Shas (11), Meretz (6), Yahadut Hatorah (7),The Movement (6) Hadash (4) and Kadima (2).

This shows dissatisfaction with the leading parties as Likud/Beitenu drops 5 seats and Yesh Atid drops 2 seats. The big winner is the Labor opposition party, gaining 6 seats, while Bayit Yehudi gains 1.

Shas is down a seat while the left-wing Meretz gains 3 seats.

Yahadut Hatorah is down 2 seats, The Movement is down 2 and Hadash remains unchanged. Kadima remains the same, with 2 mandates.

The poll shows the biggest gain for left-wing and secular parties, both currently in opposition; Labor and Meretz.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The poll shows the biggest gain for —

    the charedi parties!

    Neither the right-central nor the left-central parties could form a coalition without them!

  2. Israeli polling techniques tend to seriously overcount support for parties favored by the ruling elite (i.e.Ashkenazi seculars). Thus the fall for Lapid may be signficant, but predictable given standards biases.

  3. #1 Did you read the post correctly?

    Shas went down by 1 seat and UTJ by 2 seats, Bayit Yehudi went up by 2…is that the gain for Charedi parties that you are writing about?

  4. #4 –

    OK, this time you caught me. I missed the 2 seats for Kadima. The right-central parties could have a narrow coalition of 62 without the charedim, although it is a little to narrow for a comfortable government.

    On the other hand, the left-central parties plus either Bayit Yehudi or Yesh Atid together with the charedim could provide an alternative to the present government.