Cabinet to Consider Sunday as the Day of Rest


sunThe National Religious Party years ago pushed a bill that would give Israelis a day off monthly, working its plan around rosh chodesh. It was defeated. As a result, the only day off in Israel is Shabbos and many feel that the result is increased chilul Shabbos.

The late MK Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D was among those who felt Israeli should have Sundays off as is the case in the USA. He proposed moving the national sport, soccer; to Sundays, and this would result in hundreds of thousands of Sephardim opting to go to shul instead of soccer matches. This too did not occur. These efforts were premised on the fact that the half day off on erev Shabbos would not be forfeited, for doing so would also increase chilul Shabbos chas v’sholom.

This time around Minister (Likud) Silvan Shalom may has sufficient support for his plan, to declare Sunday a day of rest and Friday would become a regular work day. Undoubtedly this will be met by fierce chareidi objections, fearing the day off would be at the expense of chilul Shabbos for those unable to get out of work and home in time for Shabbos.

Shalom will on Sunday, 22 Tammuz 5773 convene a meeting with representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office, economic experts, officials connected to Galil and Negev development and others as he seeks to advance his bill. Shalom wishes to have an “American weekend” in Israel instead of the current situation in which many are off on Fridays and those who work end after a half day.

Shalom and supporters of the plan feel this will give residents “a real weekend off”. Shalom believes the move would result in sharp increase in internal tourism as Israelis would be able to go away for a weekend. He is proposing a trial run, perhaps four Sundays over a period of months as a trial to ascertain the feasibility of the changeover.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I guess the NRP doesn’t have the smarts to know that the Ebeshter has already enacted legislation (aka toras moshe m’sinai) that Shabbos is yom menucha. It would be mindless and a huge drain on the economy to dictate a new paid vacation day for all workers in EY so that a small group of Sephardeshe soccer fanatics don’t sneak out of shul early to attend their home team’s games. Maybe they could get chacham Ovadia to issue a psak that Sephardim shouldn’t go to soccer games on Shabbos rather than enacting a new burden on employers that is estimate to cost hundreds of millions of NIS annually.

  2. With a Saturday-Sunday weekend, that means companies will be able to demand a full day work on Friday, and get rid of frum workers who want to go home early on Erev Shabbos.

    A Friday-Saturday weekend makes much more sense, but its too Jewish for a country such as Israel that is engaged on a war against Jews who insist on being Shomer Mitsvos.

  3. I totally agree, if the non shomer shabbos had another day who knows how many would do less Chillul shabbos and maybe even become BT, if it saves ONE life it’s worth all the NIS (as if hashem can’t let us have it with one day less of work)

  4. Having a Sunday off occasionally will increase shmiras Shabbos by giving families a day to shop, visit, enjoy leisure besides Shabbos kodesh.

  5. This idea is beyond insane and self-destructive. If Satmar and Neturi Karta really want to see the medina fall, they should put all their resources into supporting this legislation.

    Just one point – who is kidding who that they think Friday will become a regular full workday? At present, it’s barely even a half day. For the most part, the entire business world in Israel does not work at all on Fridays and now they’re going to jump from a “half-day” to a full day?

  6. I guess #1Gadolhadorah doesn’t have the smarts to be dan l’chaf zchus on the NRP that their mission is to see that chilonim aren’t mechalel shabbos. The NRP, unlike you and your ilk, looks beyond their personal selves to the nation of Israel as a whole.

  7. Friday and Shabbos kodesh is also a weekend. Who says we have to follow goyim. Soccer games early Friday morning sounds great

  8. Shabbos kodesh as the day of rest? Ha… yeah right. I’m more relaxed on a Sunday rather than shabbos meal preparation, walking to shul in the heat, and (believe it or not) too much napping and down time on shabbos afternoon. I actually enjoy Sundays. Nothing better than a relaxed Sunday morning kollel and cooked breakfast . I guess I’m following the goyim.