Attorney Challenges the Legitimacy of Chief Rabbinate Voting Body


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icrAttorney Azriel Krovtsov on erev Shabbos 20 Tammuz 5773 turned to the legal advisor of the Ministry of Religious Services challenging the validity of the current makeup of the voting body of 150 people that will election the new Chief Rabbis of Israel.

Krovtsov asked Ministry of Religious Services legal advisor attorney Yisrael Pat to change the voting body’s makeup in line with the law, which demands equal Ashkenazi and Chareidi representation. According to Krovtsov, there are currently 75 Sephardim and 55 Ashkenazim despite the fact the law compels equal representation.

Kikar Shabbat adds that Pat told Krovtsov that he turned to Justice Ministry officials and the latter informed him the current makeup of the electoral body is in compliance with the law. Krovtsov asked to see the protocol (minutes) of the discussion on the matter as well as the ministry’s decision but was told by Pat that he does not have such documents.

Krovtsov concludes that the upcoming election is such a sensitive matter; it is most unfortunate that officials are willing to settle with informal discussions on issue at hand instead of holding a formal discussion regarding his request. He does not believe the current reality will stand the test of a High Court petition but fell short of indicating if he plans to take the matter to the nation’s highest court.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)