Mayor BanBerg’s Daughter Blasts NYC Animal Shelters


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blom2Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter has some harsh words for New York City’s animal shelter system.

Georgina Bloomberg tells The Wall Street Journal that government “doesn’t care about animals.”

Bloomberg says people don’t want to adopt from the city’s animal shelters. She says that indicates “failure.”

A mayoral spokesman declined to comment.

The executive director of Animal Care & Control says it’s made a lot of progress.

Risa Weinstock says ACC has doubled animal adoption while reducing euthanasia by two-thirds.

The Bloomberg administration commissioned the nonprofit to run the city’s shelter system.

The Journal says Georgina Bloomberg wants to expand her role in improving animal welfare in the city.



  1. While caring about and not causing pain to G-d’s creatures is important, get uptight about making animal shelters is a little bit insane.