Nachal Chareidi Rabbonim Condemn Meah Shearim Attack


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idffFollowing the assault against a chareidi soldier in Meah Shearim on Tuesday evening the eve of 3 Menachem Av 5773, politicians and rabbonim have released condemnatory messages. The soldier, who was attacked by tens of chareidi youths, fled and found refuge in the home of a local resident. Police were summoned and Yassam commando police had to work to extricate him while they were under attack with rocks, bottles, chairs and dirty diapers from the fanatics whose actions besmirch the entire community.

Rabbonim who have been working with and directing Nachal Chareidi over the years strongly condemned the actions of “a few fanatics who make a great deal of noise,” stressing these zealots are not representative of the majority of the frum community in Eretz Yisrael. They called the attack an “un-Jewish and blasphemous act”, which they stated “brings a tremendous chilul Hashem”. They add that the timing, during the Nine Days when we remember the loss of the Beis HaMikdash due to sinas chinam cannot be overlooked.

In the political arena, condemnation and calls for “stern action against those responsible” were heard from many, including Finance Minister Yair Lapid, MK Aryeh Deri, Minister Yaakov Peri, Minister Naftali Bennett, and MK Elazar Stern to name a few.

According to reporter Avishai Ben-Chaim, the soldier was verbally attacked with insulting and hateful words but he was not physically attacked, quoting police investigators on his Facebook page on Wednesday morning, 3 Menachem Av.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Everyone should condemn such an attack – it’s the result of people with too much time on their hands – and too little satisfaction with their own lives.

  2. Well of course they condemn an attack against members of their unit. Who would expect otherwise? The question is who didn’t condemn the attack? Is any group advocating such attacks?

    When “push comes to shove” (in several years, when they will actually start conscripting yeshiva students, meaning when you will have people arresting for the crime of learning Torah when they should be soldiering), will anyone advoacating sanctions agains those who collaborate with the IDF against the yeshivos (which hasn’t happened yet – and a lot may happen in three years).

  3. Why was a Chareidi soldier stupid enough to antagonize the frum neighborhood by entering it with a IDF uniform.

    That is no different than walking through Harlem wearing a white pointed hood.

  4. A kol Koray from the Gedolim, Admorim, Rabbonim and Askonim of that community to advise all chareidim that it is asur to behave this way, might go a long way to bring moshiach closer. Their silence is deafening!

  5. “Yassam commando police had to work to extricate him while they were under attack with rocks, bottles, chairs and dirty diapers from the fanatics”

    I hope they look at video and find every dirtbag that threw something & have them physically beaten in a public square! These animals are just like the Arabs! They only understand one language. Physical violence! I can’t understand why the police, who know who the agitators & their leaders are, don’t go in there and clean house once & for all?! The good clean residents of that neighborhood hate them as much as every other decent human being & would love to get rid of them & their ugly families!

  6. The big one-
    Because his parents live there and he is required to wear his uniform while on duty and like it or not Me’ah She’arim is in Israel not some Arab country.
    Anyone throwing stones at a soldier should get ten years jail, period. That includes leftists, Arabs, ChAreidim.

  7. #3, not-so-big one, there is in fact a video of someone in a white pointed hood asking black service employees to serve him. What he got for it was a few refusals but no violence.

  8. That very well might be the most despicable neighborhood in Israel if you get attacked for wearing clothing of the army. All joking aside, I don’t see the difference between wearing a Mets jersey in front of Yankee Stadium, and being physically attacked for that. The outfit had nothing to do with being tznious or not.

  9. #8 The other Rabbanim are waiting for Nachal Chareidi Rabbanim to condemn their Chairman, Naftali Bennet, for disgracing the Torah and forcing Torah scholars to stop learning Torah.

  10. The Big One and ibj, you are so ignorant, and it sounds worse when you try to talk like you know something. We all know there are people in certain “neighborhoods” who CHOOSE to feel antagonized by a chayal in uniform. They are idiots and hateful ingrates. Meah Shearim is not some kind of enclosed Yishuv where foresight would necessitate hiding one’s affiliation. It is a busy and public thoroughfare with lots of shopping as well as other commercial enterprises, yeshivos, and residents. I have been there hundreds of times and seen soldiers walking freely without a hint of being threatened. This is a recent travesty. A soldier is often obligated to be in uniform, and you must be drunk to imagine he was walking there to deliberately inflame. I imagine he was strolling, shopping, or catching a bus. For all you know he was on his way to catch a minyan!!!

    Another thing, I happen to know that on occasion a soldier who is a member of a family who lives where enlisting is “assur,” is more than frowned upon if he shows up in army clothes. If a son in uniform comes home for a visit, though there is not wanton violence against the soldier, it causes terrible strife between the family and their the neighbors, shidduch plans are threatened, siblings are not accepted into yeshivos and bais yaakovs. It’s too sad. These parents have to ask the sons not to come home till they are released. And it is correct, the change will only happen if it comes from the top-down. However, it seems that the local rabbanim and gedolim are being controlled like puppets by wacky and hateful local control freaks who run schools and so on. The rabbis who have the potential to influence – their hands are tied if they try to protest! The only thing that can cause a change would be a grassroots movement and I don’t see it: the only people who can stand up to the control hoodlums are the other hoodlums with the chairs, tires and diapers. We are in danger of destroying ourselves chevrah!

    Ok, here is my proposal for the politicals among us out there: Never mind coming up with Yeshiva quotas or limited elitist lists of those who may remain full-time learners, and never mind not forcing the draft but pulling funding. Simply make sure all Yeshivos know that any and all funding will be immediately suspended along with hefty fines charged to Yeshivos where all these vile violent lawbreakers are traced to! And this does not become difficult these days. Suddenly the real batlanim will be weeded out, because the Yeshivos are not interested in losing vital funding. Money talks…

  11. The so-called Nachal Chareidi is hardly Chareidi. Only about 10%, if not less, of the incoming Nachal Chareidi division recruits come in as Chareidi. (Less leave still as a Chareidi.) 90%+ are Daati Leumi.

  12. Interesting comment from “The Big One” comparing “a frum neighborhood” with Harlem – really? This is what a community of people supposedly dedicated to Torah can legitimately be compared to?
    My 7 year – no Gemara under his belt yet, little exposure to resounding shiurim from Gedolim, but lots of Parsha under his belt already – asked me”Abba – isn’t a Jew who hits another Jew called a Rasha in the Torah like what Moshe saw in Mitzrayim?”
    So lets hear the Charedi Gedolim call these people Rashaim – a 7 year old sees the Emet – do they?

  13. These guys were only verbal not physical. Get over it. They have a right to free speech too whether you like it or not.

    And Mrs. D., these guys Yeshivas refuse funding from the Israeli government. They don’t take a shekel. So they are not intimidated.

    And, yes, we have to strongly discourage enlisting in the IDF.

  14. chachom – You are so wrong. Nachal Chareidi makes it difficult for Dati Leumi to join, so the percentage is quite small. Though I would hesitate to call the people who attacked the soldier Chareidim. They are Mevatlei Torah and Mechalelei Shem Shamayim B’farhesya.

  15. JUST love when the uneducated blame the VICTIMS for incitement; like walking home, going to learn with his Uncle, shopping in a neighborhood, or just strolling through an area.

    The VICTIM is guilty for being alive, I assume. Get educated and learn the foundations of Ahavas Yisroel.

  16. #18: You have no idea what you are talking about. The so-called Nachal Chareidi has a very small percentage of soldiers who are actually Chareidi. Most are DL.

  17. #20 – I had a son there and attended several of their events. The soldiers are nearly all from Chareidi families. Plus I’ve spoken to the Rabbanim of Netzach and those in charge of admission regarding their policies.
    Where is your different information from?

  18. The LABEL clubmembers are back at it.

    DL, CHAREDEI, CHARDAL & NKs…… Yiddim, Yiddim, Yiddim in the world to fulfill a mission of “Ohr LeGolah”, question might be who is doing it best????

  19. איה אלוהיך ישראל – this is the outcome of a generation of Lomdei Torah, who never sit and seriously learn Sifrei Mussar and Hilchot Derech Eretz and Issurei Ben Adam LeChavero. Wonderful!

  20. I walked through the mea Sha’arim a few weeks ago & saw a mentally retarded man paid to paste posters have his bucket of glue poured over him by the ‘shikrikim” – nobody did a thing until several non Frum people jumped of a bus & charged off these products of Israel’s finest Torah society. Incidents like this occur daily – sefarim stores burnt for selling Torah books printed in English, all the brand new bus tops vandelizes within hours (apparently because men & women can sit together on Egged), ambulances egged on their way to save lives… i know these lowlives represent only a tiny % of the Haredi world but they represent one massive Chillul Hashem – the haredi world should be far more concerned about this than it it is about a couple years national service – im ain kemach ain Torah! The kemach are the young people.