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Who Are the Terrorists Slated for Release in Latest Good-Will Gesture by Israel?

hamasAs Israel prepares to embark on another round of diplomatic talks with the PA (Palestinian Authority) it appears convicted terrorists must be set free to permit the proper atmosphere for PA (Palestinian Authority) leaders to negotiate. Israel will be ordering another good-will release of terrorists while the PA will continue making demands but falling short of actually doing anything to signal Israel truly has a negotiating partner.

According to media leaks and unconfirmed reports, at least 40 terrorists will receive a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card in the latest good-will gesture. Some of the convicted murderers whose names appear high on the list, likely to be released include:

Karim Yunis:

An Israeli Arab citizen, a resident of A’ara. His went on trial in 1983 for the murder of IDF soldier Avraham Bromberg HY”D. He still has 10 years to serve of his sentence.

Maher Yunis:

A cousin of Karim. He stood trial in 1981 for the same murder and still has 10 years to serve of his sentence.

Mahmoud Abu Charbish:

He was a member of the cell that murdered Rochel Weiss and her three children as well as IDF soldier David Dalroza HY”D. The civilians burned to death in a bus, the result of an attack near Yericho. The soldier, who tried to save them, died of irreparable lung damage from severe pulmonary damage. Life sentence

Mahmoud Issa:

A member of the Hamas cell that abducted and murdered border policeman Nissim Toledano HY”D in 1992. Life sentence

Walid Daqa:

A member of the Popular Front terror cell that in 1984 murdered soldier Moshe Tamam HY”D. He still has 10 years to serve on his sentence.

Ibrahim Hassan Mahmoud Agbaria

He murdered Guy Friedman, Yaakov Duvinsky and Yuri Farda HY”D in a Nachal tent.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. Any terror attack made by these freed terrorist is the responsibilty of bibi all blood is on his hands.
    What moral authority does he have to risk the lives of solders to arrest them and then lets them free

  2. Why does Israel always have to release terrorists as a “goodwill measure”? What exactly do the Pally animals ever do to show “goodwill”?! It’s a retarded world and the Israelis always get the raw end of things.

  3. How about releasing some Jews as “goodwill measure”? No, of course not. The “tzaddik” Bennett with a kipa wouldn’t hear of it but he has no problem releasing terrorists with blood of their hand.

  4. i dont understand the premise of this article terrorists should not be considered to be freed! its immoral i dont care who they are

  5. The level of insanity never ceases to amaze me. We need to get Bibi out of office before does something really really foolish…

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