Fire Destroys Greenwald Caterers Kitchen In Lakewood [VIDEOS]


An inferno ripped through the kitchens of Greenwald Caterers in Lakewood on Sunday night, destroying the commissary used for most events.

The fire started just after 8:00PM at the headquarters of Greenwald Caterers located on 8th Street near Princeton Avenue in the heart of Lakewood.

Initially, there was just a heavy smoke condition, and the Lakewood Fire Department was working on containing the blaze. But by 8:45, a second alarm was requested and all fire fighters were removed from the structure. Heavy fire began moving through the building, with the roof collapsing.

The homes on the block were evacuated as a precaution, due to propane tanks inside the fire building. Electricity was cut to nearby homes as well.

Greenwald Caterers is the leading caterer in Lakewood for decades. They are the exclusive caterers at Lake Terrace Hall and Ateres Chana Hall in Bais Faiga, as well as in many halls around the Tri-State area. They specialize in high end events and do dozens of hotel getaways each year.

NOTE: All weddings and events that are catered in Lake Terrace and Bais Faiga are not cooked out of the commissary.

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  1. Thank you for changing the headline to read that the kitchen was destroyed. The previous headline implied that Greenwald Caterers was destroyed. Hopefully the business will continue to thrive even after such a devastating setback.