Agreement Reached Between Sephardi Bnei Yeshiva & Karlin Chassidim Regarding Rosh Hashanah Tent


Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon has succeeded in bringing the sides together in the machlokes over tent rights for Rosh Hashanah in the Shmuel HaNavi area of the capital.

Mayor Moshe Leon brokered an agreement between Karlin Chassidim and the sephardi tzibur in the Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood of Jerusalem. As reported by YWN-Israel, matters reached a new low when the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of the community, HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Cohen received death threats in the matter.

After a number of weeks of machlokes and increasing strife, Mayor Leon on erev Shabbos reached the agreement pertaining to the use of a plot of land in the Shmuel HaNavi neighborhood to erect a tent for Rosh Hashanah. The agreement stipulates that the sephardi bnei yeshivos will leave the tent on Elul Street, permitting the chassidim to use it, as they did last Rosh Hashanah. The chassidim will set up another tent on their own, one capable of accommodating 5000 mispallalim on Yomtov.

The chassidim will also set up a tent for the sephardi kehilla on a plot nearby, to be used by them on Rosh Hashanah. After Rosh Hashanah, the chassidim will leave the tent, which will then be used by the sephardi bnei yeshivos during the year. Shas party chairman, Minister Aryeh Deri was very involved in the negotiating process as was the party’s Jerusalem deputy mayor, Tzvika Cohen, along with Shmuel HaNavi Rov, Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen and representatives of the Karliner Chassidus.

The mayor praised all involved and the fact agreement was reached. He thanked Aryeh Deri and Deputy Mayors Yossi Deutsch and Avraham Betzalel as well.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “Elul Street”!?
    I assume the original hebrew article said they would “leave the tent on ר”ח אלול”, which stands for Rosh Chodesh, not “rechov”

  2. For starters this area we are talking about is a place that was literally sticks and stones for years – there used to do be pop up amusement park kind of rides there but literally a lot with no use. karlin came last year and invested 80,000 dollars to clean it up and cement it ON THE CONDITION THEY GET TO USE IT FOR ROSH HASHANA YEARLY. then some nice sefardim come along and suddenly there is a beautiful freshly cleaned and paved lot for them so they feel entitled and YWN thinks it is imp to make sure they seem right.

  3. DEATH THREATS!!!!! Really?!?

    Let’s try again. Anyone here that comprehends the English language (no, not the Hebrew from where bits and pieces were copied, a paper OBVIOUSLY biased toward the ‘Bnei Yeshivos’)

    Anyone with a drop of Sechel knows that’s not the way this Chassidus runs, it’s not their modus operandi, NEVER DID, NEVER WILL. They have other tasks, ambitions in life, this is not one of them. Torah, Avodah, Gemilus Chasadim, Kiruv. Educate yourself a bit… Observe… Admire… Yeah.. look closely and stand to be amazed… This is not a Chassidus that pumps about in the news, nor pats itself on its back… It’s a demanding Chassidus.. A tight ship, at the helm of its Leader Shlit”a. Quiet and most unassuming (unless, of course, by Davening. Then they allow one to let loose!).

    Kindly get the facts straight before publishing. Actually, the Hebrew publication from where this was taken states something about some wild people coming into Karlin and beating up … No need to rehash at this time… but there’s still something about a bit of honest reporting. Before slandering a whole Chassidus… (nope, not a smart move, especially right before Yom Hadin), a bit of fact checking would do wonders.

  4. Just so u know, YWN got this from the Israeli news site Kikar Shabbos…which the sefardim run. So obviously they will favor them in this story. But the details to the agreement is not all true. So don’t take this at face value..but yes, there is some kind of agreement for this year.