Israel’s First Medical Marijuana Cafe Opens in Be’er Sheva


Last week, Israel’s first medical marijuana cafe opened in Be’er Sheva. According to a report that was published on the Israeli news site Mako, the cafe will only be able to be accessed by people who have a license or prescription to use medical marijuana.

According to Israeli law, it is forbidden to smoke marijuana in public areas. Therefore, the section of the cafe that is set aside for smoking marijuana will be a separate section.

Amit Moreinu, who is one of the Cafe’s founders spoke to Channel 12 news about why the cafe was opened. “Today we look at a sick person on the street who’s using [medical] cannabis and we see them like a junkie. We’re trying to change that outlook that people have and to fight back to ensure that there will be accessible areas for sick people to use medical cannabis. Our goal is that this new initiative that we started will reach every café.”

The café was founded by the Legalization Now group. According tot he Mako report, the founders will not be selling cannabis at the café, but they will provide devices for smoking the weed as well as setting aside a designated area for medical cannabis patients who will then be able to smoke in accordance with the law and enjoy a good meal at the same time.

“It’s a public project,” Moreinu explained. “We don’t have a budget and we’re requesting the help of anyone who can help us expand the project. In our opinion, this is the path to legalization.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)