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NYPD Memo Indicates Possible Changes At 911 Call Center

911cOfficials are apparently considering making some staffing changes at the 911 call center.

In a New York City Police Department internal memo dated July 22, officials make a number of recommendations to “increase efficiency and enhance productivity.”

These include enlisting 300 police officers to be trained as call takers and reworking shifts for existing operators, potentially adding on hours of mandatory overtime.
In a statement made to NY1, a spokesperson for the NYPD said, “The list was a brainstorming exercise to address staffing needs. There has been no final decisions made as of yet.”

Since the 911 system received an expensive upgrade less than two months ago, it’s suffered a number of high-profile glitches.

Among them, a delay to reach 4 year old Ariel Russo, who was struck by a car last month.
Her family says a delay cost the child her life.

(Source: NY1)

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