Thousands of Bnos Yisrael Daven at the Kosel on 2nd Day Rosh Chodesh


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In line with instructions from Gedolei Hador Shlita, thousands of bnos yisrael arrived at the Kosel on Wednesday morning for shachris, 2 Rosh Chodesh Elul 5773. Since the girls are still on vacation, buses arrived from Bnei Brak in addition to Yerushalayim. Due to the large turnout police limited the Women of the Wall (WoW) to the rear section, placing barriers around them to maintain order an avoid confrontation between the groups.

The WoW group arrived at 07:00 and police closed the entrance to the Kosel to permit them to enter peacefully. The shachris minyan at the Kosel in the presence of Kosel Rav Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz began before the WoW group got into place. The davening was conducted with the public address system followed by tehillim by Rav Yaakov Addis. This made the WoW service even more difficult to hear for those wishing to participate.

A number of chareidi local and national officials were seen there too, including Meir Porush, Yossi Deutsch and Yitzchak Pindrus. A small group of frum males blew whistles to disturb the WoW service. Police confiscated a number of the whistles.

The WoW group provided live internet stream of their event and despite the increased media coverage, they expressed disappoint and accused police of once again giving in to chareidi pressure.

At the Mughrabi Gate entrance to Har Habayis the dati leumi contingent was informed it would not be permitted onto the Mount and that had to make do with a tefilla service at that location.

Despite concerns of police, all the events passed without any major incidents.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: Aaron Wahav, Chadashot 24)


  1. dear yagel libi, brooklyn mom, ziongate, and rabbi of berlin… im not sure which one of u took away my whistle but id like it back please….

  2. Good job girls. Keep up the fabulous work! Keep those reshoyim as far away from the Kosel as possible. They and their pasul Sefer.

  3. Yes, we won this battle; but did we win the war? no, Theis horrible Golus with all its Tzoros R”L is now continuing.
    Just remember that Eily Hakohen had first looked at Chana, (who was a Woman and Davening), as a drunk and was totaly unimpressed, but Hashem saw it otherwise. All the Halochos of Tefillah ended up coming out of
    that ‘unofficial’ Davening of Chana.

  4. Is it appropriate to blow whistles and use a microphone at the Kotel?
    I think we need to start a new group:
    People who are ambivilent about WOW but don’t want things turning into a media circus at the wall.

    You may shorten the title to PWAAAWBDWTTIAMCATW. The cool people will call it PWAAAWB.

  5. Do we understand exactly which deed brings us closer to Hashem. We really know nothing.
    When a tragedy R”L happens or regarding the Holocaust, we say that we don’t know anything about the ways of Hashem. When the question comes up, how could it be that so many years pass by without a Bais Hamikdosh or Korbonos, we say that our minds can’t understand.
    But now, when it comes to pushing away these women, suddenly we understand everything.

  6. Dear #1… Ha Ha… At least you have a sense of humor.
    Why would I take away your whistle when it blows good on you? I mean, you standing there with an orange whistle is hilarious if it only weren’t the fact that it’s at the holy Kotel.
    Whatever,#1…….I hope you DO find it.. ‘It’s Blowin’ in the Wind..”

  7. This is a clear victory for the klal. Peaceful passive resistance has worked successfully for all groups across the globe and it’s good to see the frum world saying”enough”.

    Big Kiddish Hashem. The women pulled it off in Mitrayim, and based on their behaviour today, they are keeping the Torah world going.

    In the world of boxing this is called a TKO.

  8. #4 If only these women were as righteous as Chana.

    By the way, was Chana a feminist faker disturbing others with her quiet prayers and tears?

  9. Reply to Yira:
    You said, “Yes, we won this battle; but did we win the war? no, Theis horrible Golus with all its Tzoros R”L is now continuing. There are many reasons why it is still continuing. If we do something about it גלות would end. What should we do? The Chofetz Chaim zt”l advised to learn Seder Kodshim. Why? Because if a person learns Seder Kodshim he will feel the loss of what we don’t have today and yearn for the Beis HaMikdosh – rather then wait for the 9th of Av when mourning is almost impossible to accomplish. I couldn’t talk about this topic for hours, but my typing is limited. I will tell the Gemara says in Sotah that from when the Beis Hamikash was destroyed, there hasn’t been a day without its curse. This means until we have a Beis Hamikash standing again, we will continue to have more and more צרות. The Beis HaMikdash is the ultimate source for all peace.

  10. Yira,

    What is your point?????

    Last I checked, Chana did not come with a media contingent. She didn’t fight and go to court to be allowed where women are not allowed. Need I continue?

    The WOW are a bunch of fraud’s. If they were interested in “becoming closer to Hashem” how about starting with the commandments given specifically to women. Do they follow the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha? They are not interested in keeping the laws of the Torah. They want to make a scene.

  11. 4.

    You are comparing Chana with these oysvorfs? How dare you???!!!!!!!!! I don’t recall the Novi mentioning that Chana made a bizoyon of the mitzva of talis & tfilin or that she was oyver on other avayros as well.

  12. #1- When you show me that you can act responsibly, you can have your whistle back. As long as I can’t trust you not to go to the Kotel and bother people who have come to daven by blowing on your whistle in their ears, I’m holding on to it. Now run upstairs and do your homework.

  13. “””..Yira: yes but Chana didn’t come in a sleeveless shirt wearing Talis and Tefillin…””

    Did Eily wear them?, or did Shmuel, Dovid, Shlomo, Eliyahu wear them? Any mention of Tefillin, Tzitzus, Mezuzah, Esrog, Shoifor shell R”H, Sefirah, in any of the stories of Nevieyim? Think about it.

  14. #15:
    If you had any idea about gemara and chazal, and not be bent on apikursus you wouldn’t ask that question.
    Not having an idea about chazal is fine, if you really want to learn.
    But if you don’t want to learn but teach, and teach your own brand of hatred……
    Don’t even ask for marei mekomos. If you really do want to learn, research them and you shall find them.

  15. Ashreichem Yisrael!
    Boys and men need to wear teffillin to become closer to Hashem. Women are the Aishes Chayil and already are close to Hashem so why are the WoW putting teffillin to lower themseleves
    Thank you to those people who stood up to be Mikadesh Shem Shamyim!!!!!!!

  16. BH an inspirational tefillah at the Kosel on rosh chodesh, ELUL. Since our women are the true daveners to hashem, let’s pack the kosel plaza every Rosh Chodesh to come.