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Quinn the “Favorito” Among Latino Voters, New Poll Shows

Council Speaker Christine Quinn is “numero uno” among likely Latino voters in this year’s race for mayor, according to a poll conducted by building service worker union 32BJ SEIU, and reported by Crains NY.

The poll found Ms. Quinn with the support of 31% likely primary voters. Bill Thompson and Anthony Weiner each received 12%, Bill de Blasio 7% and John Liu 6%. Rev. Erick Salgado, the only Latino candidate in the race, was not included in the poll

28% of likely Latino Democratic primary voters said they remain undecided.

Mr. Thompson scored well among older Latino voters (17%) and college-educated men (19%), while Mr. de Blasio performed well with college-educated Latina women (14%).

“We’re a very diverse union, but the majority of our NYC members are Latino,” a union source told Crains NY. “Latino votes played a key role in Obama’s 2012 victory nationally. Here in NYC, even though Bill Thompson has gotten some high-profile Latino endorsements, he racked up similar nods in 2009 but only garnered 55% of the Latino vote to Bloomberg’s 43%. Latino votes are up for grabs.”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. Thank you Mr. Kornbluh for noting that this poll, alongside other establishment polls, have completely skewed the results by excluding Mr. Salgado.

    Latinos make up 30% (yes, 30%) of the registered voters going to the polls for the New York City Democratic primary. There are approximately 1 million Latino registered Democrats. Mr. Salgado was a widely popular figure in the Latino community before announcing his campaign, since he was a broadcaster who ran 5 Spanish language religious programming radio stations in the New York City area.

    Mr. Salgado has gotten the cold shoulder from the mainstream press and political establishment because he speaks for the concerns of voters with traditional values. But contrary to popular belief there’s still a whole lot of people in this city who remain skeptical of liberal dogma. So while the journalists are busy with stories about Anthony Weiner, the stage is being set for what may become one of the greatest upsets in New York City’s history.

    As Rav Nelkenbaum said, remember Bob Turner and David Storobin’s unlikely victories — “There’s no such thing as a long-shot to the Aybishter!”

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