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CD48 – Candidates Square Off At Manhattan Beach Jewish Center Debate

In what is believed to be a competitive race in the Democratic September 10th primary, the candidates vying to replace Mike Nelson as councilman in the 48th Council district squared off, Wednesday night, in a live debate over who’s best suited to represent the redrawn Multi-racial district. Former State Senator David Storobin, the only Republican in the race, put in another dominant debate performance, with Chaim Deutsch also looking strong during the forum sponsored by the Jewish Press, Shorefront Y and the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center. Mr. Deutsch relied on his personal life experience to connect with the audience and to describe his strengths as a candidate. He came off as likeable and knowledgeable. Storobin’s performance, on the other hand, was highly passionate as he repeatedly argued why Republican and Conservative principles are best for this district.

Last year, Storobin routed Lew Fidler in their two debates, coming back from 30% behind in just 20 days following their first debate, which was broadcast on NY1. Last night, he once again displayed an ability to argue for school vouchers, lower taxes and job creation, drawing the heaviest applause from the audience.

In contrast, Democratic hopeful Ari Kagan fidgeted uncomfortably during every answer. Mr. Kagan was also the only candidate to draw boos during the debate when he declared his support for the embattled City Comptroller John Liu, who three days ago lost all government funding of his campaign because of allegations of impropriety that led to his staffers being indicted and convicted. Kagan failed to respond to Storobin’s claim that the fact that he got UFT endorsement and financial backing means he can never support school vouchers or funding for private schools.

Also participating was Igor Oberman, the first Russian-American judge, who displayed professional demeanor worthy of his position as a judge. He argued that he would be a good steward of City funds because as Co-op President he not only balanced the budget, but even managed to reduce maintenance fees despite the building being damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Last but not least was Theresa Scavo, the chairwoman of Community Board 15, which includes Manhattan Beach, among other neighborhoods. She displayed excellent knowledge of community issues, insisting that her experience would make her a strong Councilperson.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. What David Storobin did not mention in the debate is that if elected he will just be a bench warmer in the City Council since 46 of the 50 members are Democrats which probably 95% of the time will veto anything he tries to pass including school vouchers. On the other hand Chaim Deutsch who is a Democrat will be able to get things done as he is in the party that controls the majority of the Council meaning other members would be willing to work along with him. Plus he has already gotten many things done for our community. Chaim is the Founder of the Flatbush Shomrim Patrol, helped bring food to people in neighborhoods that were destroyed by Sandy & was involved in getting Coned to turn the Power Back on as fast as they did when they cut it for a few hours the night following Sandy among many other things he has done for our community. Therefore the choice is clear that Chaim Deutsch is the best candidate for our community.

  2. Sorry, but you are incorrect! He can make noise about vouchers, which he admits is a state issue! Republicans from queens and staten island get just as much of their stuff passed. Only difference is that a republican actually has a BIGGER budget 9and same member items amount), as there are so few of them, they tend to sit on almost every committee! they are also, by default, all in leadership positions for the most part (minority leader, asst minority leader, whip, etc.) Storobin’s office was open the entire time (minus the dangerous times at night) during and after the storm, Cannot say the same for Nelson’s office! David had the ONLY local press conference explaining the situation, covered by both Russian and orthodox jewish media. I agree, vote for CHaim in the democrat primary, but if Chaim doesnt win, there is no reason the community should support anyone but David Storobin! He promised us in his senate race, and delivered in only 11 day on almost all of it!!

  3. this was a debate where the results are not debatable.Chaim Deutsch clearly came across as the most knowledgeable and sympathetic candidate. He was right on base with all the issues.As founder of the Flatbush shomrim,he has 22 years of experience assisting the community in just about every scenario that you can come up with.If something needs to get done,chaim is the candidate you want in the city council. He doesn’t take no for an answer and will work relentlessly till it’s accomplished. I only wish I can vote more than once!

  4. Chaim Deutsch has substance.
    Chaim Deutsch is trustworthy
    Chaim Deutsch has an excellent historical record
    Chaim Deutsch is a standup guy – what you see is what you get!
    Chaim Deutsch is NOT a regular politician – he actually does what he says!
    Chaim Deutsch has my vote!!

  5. To Mariner
    I never said that David Storobin was not good. All I said was that in the City Council he will be a bench warmer since most of the Conservative laws he would want to pass wouldn’t even be brought to a vote in the Council as the 46 Democrats would block it. Storobin would have been in a much better position to get things done had Simcha Felder not defeated him when he ran for reelection for State Senator because there the Republicans are in control & would be willing to work with him to pass laws that he wants. Infact I was very upset Simcha Felder defeated him because Simcha Felder took away our right to vote by voting to extend Term Limits when the Voters not once but twice defeated it.

  6. I heard a lot of promises and promises last night. I will create jobs, take care of the sick, ticket dog pooh owners. Nonsense! Only one candidate can say he has a 20 year long term track record for doing things that he can run on. Chaim Deutsch. We have a community with large families that needs:
    1. Vouchers for Yeshiva education
    2. Safety in the streets for children, seniors and women.
    3. City funding for our Brooklyn community. The largest population in the City lives in Brooklyn and we get the least funds. I tust Chaim Deutsch to get this done.

  7. To bassmaster & Eshern:
    Also, i understand you support for Chaim. But he needs to explain to our community why he is against walmart, when a walmart would seriously help our community!!

  8. To Mariner
    If it’s really true that Chaim is against having a Walmart in our community he is right because it would cause many small businesses to close down. Plus Walmart treats its worker like a piece of garbage locking workers who work overnight in the store & when a worker gets hurt they have to wait 45 minutes for help because they are are trapped inside which happened in a Walmart at least once in the last decade.

  9. All of the candidates at the last nights debate promised to do many lovely things for our community. However I don’t recall any of them saying how they were going to pay for it, with the one exception being Ari Kagan. Here is a guy who actually has some new and interesting ideas about how to increase city revenue without raising taxes.

    Furthermore, this Storobin guy says hes going to lower our taxes. Is he aware that there are only 4 Republicans on the council? How does he plan to get anything done for us while being in an overwhelming minority? So unless this guys idea of effective representation is sitting around and  twiddling his thumbs, it is beyond me how he can think he is the best man for the job.

  10. Concernedcitizen: are you aware of Ari kagans history? He went to the KGB’s university, and got a degree in journalism, or as known here as propaganda. Don’t believe a word that comes out of that creep!

    Eli51: you start out “if its true”. It is true, and your words are almost non-sequitur. Why say if it’s true if you agree with his ridiculous sentiments? No one forces anyone to work at Wal-Mart. It’s agarbage job, and pays gatbage money. Welcome to life and reality. A minimum wage job is meant for people that can’t get anything else. We don’t seem to have any problem shipping in them in the Catskills all summer.

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