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Military Police Arrive in Elad & Beit Shemesh To Apprehend Charedi ‘Draft-Dodgers’

hIDF military police on Monday, 6 Elul 5773 arrived in Elad in an effort to apprehend people not reporting to the draft. They were armed with a copy of an ad appearing in HaPeles which says in the name of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach, instructing bnei Torah not to report to IDF induction centers.

HaPeles reports that military police came to both Elad and Beit Shemesh, warning young men who have been ordered to appear in an induction center to do so or face arrest. It appears that when Rav Auerbach heard of increased efforts to compel bnei yeshivos to appear at an induction center, he instructed the newspaper to print his notice opposing compliance with such a directive.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Baruch Hashem Klal Yisroel has Maran HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach slit”a, the Godol HaDor ben HaGodol HaDor, guiding us in these troubling times.

    During a Shas Shmad we are required to give everything up irregardless what the State threatens — or actually does — to us.

  2. The Zionists are strong towards their Charedi Enemies but are weak towards Arab terrorists.

    In Israel we see clearly how the Sitra Achre is working full force against Kedusha.

  3. Rav Avigdor Miller warned that there wil come a day in the State of israel when Rabbonim will be terrorized.

    Are we now approaching that time?

  4. The IDF needs more soliders so they can arrest more terrorist, so they can free more terrorist during more negotiations.

  5. The reason why everyone joined the army in the time of Shaul, Dovid , Shlomo Hamelech is that in those days until King Yoishiyoho found the Sefer Torah in the Heichal, there was no such a thing as Learning. Nowhere in the hundreds of stories related in Nevuim, did anyone ever bump into some Tzadik who happened to be in middle of learning.

  6. I am surprised from the lack of commentary on behalf of the pro-induction, zion-modern wing of the readership.

    The fact that the government is wasting time and money, that they don’t have in order to harass our Torah community is shameful.

    Woe to all you people who would defend such actions.

  7. #7.Ader – What kind a כפירה is that to suggest that there was no mitzvah d’Oraysa of Talmud Torah, “no such a thing as learning. Moreover, do you dare to falsely suggest thatn Dovid Melech Yisroel, the Moshioch HaShem and Anim Zmiros Yisroel didn’t know kol haTorah kulah – do you suggest that in stead of setting up kollelim he inducted Yidden into HIS army, which HE led!? Where do you come up with this stuff? Have you never learned parshiyos Shoftim/Ki Tetzei, have you never opened a Rambam Hilchos Melachim uMilchamos? There is a mitzvah to defend each and every Yid from harm – this is a fundamental mitzvah of Toras HaShem which is of greatest importance. Yes, today’s situation has complication and certain values must be weighed against others which is a machlokes between Hareidi and Dati Leumi gedolim, but that doesn’t change the fact that those willing to die for the Jewish people aren’t fulfilling a mitzah that each and every one of us should wish we could perform if not for other technical unfortunate situations. Imyirtze HaShem we should reach the days when there will be no more war ומלאה הארץ דעה את ה’ כמים לים מכסים.

  8. Rabbi Auerbach said not to respond to the notice in direct conflict with the Gadol Hador. Rabbi Auerbach said he would go to jail with his followers. Time to see if the rubber meets the road.

  9. If someone holds that Theodore Herzl and David Ben Gurion (not to mention the Lapids and Bennett of our day) are truely Navi’im, with a legal status equivalent to Moshe Rabeinu or Dovid ha-Melekh- shouldn’t you switch to “Aprikores World News”?

    For the person who complained that theIDF is soft on Arabs and hard on Hareidim, you do not understand that the presence of an Arab minority (most of whom want to live in a non-Islamic state, which is why they don’t opposed the Israelis) is not a threat to the zionist dream. THe continued existence of Hareidim is a threat to the zionist dream of a secular state.

  10. To #7,
    Might i direct you to right in the beginning of Nevuim, no further than Joshua Chapter 5, verse 13-15, and discussed in the Talmud Tracte Eruvin 63b.
    An angel came to reprimand Joshua for for the CAPITAL OFFENCE of neglecting to study Torah – and right in middle of the war!
    Furthermore this was considereed a more grevious offence than the fact that they neglected the sacrifices, namely the Korban Tomid.
    As for Dovid Hamelech it is well known that he studied torah the entire shabbat, as we find in the story where the angel of death was not able to interupt him during his learing. (Which is why we have the Melave MAlka)
    Additionally we find in the beginning of Tracte Brochos 3a in reference to Psalms 119 verse 62 “I awake at midnight to praise You (Hashem)” that King Dovid was an early riser, and he prepared the creation of Psalms then would learn until morning.
    I would recomend you increase some of your Torah study, perhaps call OOrah for a study partner.
    Best Wishes.

  11. #7

    Are you off your rocker?!? No learning?!? Your statement can’t be any further than the truth!!

    In earlier times they were so steeped, saturated in Torah learning, incomparable to any other era. Any elementary kid knows the famous Gemarah about how the Malach appeared to Yehoshua and rebuked him for a BIT of bittul Torah of the night time schedule. Which was IMMEDIATELY rectified.

    David haMelech?!? Half of his prized compositions of Tehillim thanks HaShem for his Torah, Mitzvhos. It took all of aled-beis, eight times to talk about and praise the Torah. Himself personally? While out engaged at war, all he had in mind was a certain sugya, מי ישקני מים מבור בית לחם. His hasmadah? Unparalleled! How he infused his nation with that zest for Torah study. Torah learning was our nation’s main occupation. Learning in earlier time was so, so much more than the later generations.

    Elementary stuff. Kindly read up and yes, learn, before you post such fabrications.

  12. define (#8): it is useless to regurgigate the reasons why every jew has an obligation to defend other jews. It has been done so many times in these columns and nothing can be added here.When the other side calls you every insult in the book (shmad, amalek, rosho) there is no one to argue with.

  13. An added note on the language, a “draft evader” is someone who cheats to avoid the draft (e.g., claims to be a cripple when healthy, etc.). A draft resistor says “I refuse to serve in your army.” The later are considered shady. The former are considered to be highly moral opponents of the state, are usaully able to receive political asylum if forced to flee, and are usually considered to be conscientious objectors whose persecution violates international human rights norms. In this case, we are dealing only with DRAFT RESISTORS.

  14. The act of being Oisek in Limud Hatorah is not Bushah, it should have been mentioned in at least one of the thousands of Pesukim in Neviyim. (eg. Yoinoson came to Dovid and found him sitting and learning).

  15. Chareidi draft dodgers are no different than other fanatics who think their religion places them above the law. And they belong in the same place: prison.

  16. Ader, your assertion that nowhere in the text does it mention Limud Torah (which sefer Tehilim, written by Dovid haMelech himself, clearly negates), assumes that the goal of Nevi’im is to promote the mitzvah of Limud haTorah; while, as I pointed out, this is found in certain sections of Nach, the agenda of Nevi’im is not to be a history book and tell us that people were sitting and learning – it is a National message, a broad one which encompasses Teshuva, sanctifying HaShem by fighting and defending the land and people of Israel, not straying from G-d to worship Avoda Zara etc. etc. (btw I found, just one more example for you, from R. Chaim Kanievsky Shlit”a, that Benayahu, Yoav etc. were in the Sanhedrin… I wonder what the members of the Sanhedrin were doing all of that time that Limud haTorah didn’t exist (chas veshalom)?

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