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Mazel Tov! The joy and bliss when the engagement is announced. The excitement is palpable. What a simcha! What a time of utter and complete happiness!

As the myriad details need to be arranged and the hectic whirlwind sets in, for some of these smiling families the smiles begin to falter, the dance slowly slips off-beat. The reason simply is that reality is setting in. Making a wedding, building a new home involves so many details and arrangements. These details and errands, these purchases and reservations, all cost so much money. Click here to donate

While they smile to the outside and warmly still accept their Mazel Tov wishes, their hearts constrict in pain and worry. How will they make it happen? How will they do it all?

Then the sale shopping begins. Endless trips to department stores and closeout sales trying to desperately set the Kallah’s home up in a dignified way. And yes, many items can be bought on sale, they could save some desperate funds this way.

But then comes the large expenses, the important expense of purchasing furniture to turn their cozy apartment into a home. Beds- the basic necessity to live with, as well as a dinette set to serve their meals and seat them as they share their day. Reality then sinks in, what is there to do? Furniture does not go on sale! Beds must be bought. Where do they turn? Click here to donate

Enter Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah. A ray of hope and sunshine that helps return the smile of joy to the families of the Chosson and Kallah. Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah, which allows the dance of joy to return to their wedding preparations.

Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah was established 17 years ago initially as a zechus for a refuah shelaima for R’ Zev and Chashie Weiss A”H. After their untimely petirah, with them leaving behind 11 yesomim, many who were still unmarried, their children dedicated themselves to continuing and expanding this wonderful tzedakah L’Illuy Nishmasum. Building on the chinuch they had received from their chosheve parents with emphasis on emunah and bitachon, with the words of “Ain Od Milvado” and “Chasdei H-shem” constantly on their lips, the children forged on. Click here to donate

Today Chasdei Chashie L’Kallah is answering the desperate call of Kallahs and their families. They have helped 600 Kallahs this year alone and the calls and requests keep coming!

It is up to you, dear friends of CCL, to help us provide the Kallahs with top quality beds and up-to-date dinettes sets. The Kallahs’ homes are being set up with beautiful furniture while being treated with the dignity they deserve. As they embark on the beautiful journey of building a bayis neeman biyisroel, you can have a part in this zechus. We invite you to participate in the 17th  Annual Auction by calling  646-677-2990, visiting helpakallah.org or joining us at one of our special auction events!

Contribute and receive a free gift to enhance your Shabbos table use code YW20 (min. $100). Click here to donate