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Jerusalem Light Rail Operator Hit with 1 Million NIS Fine

jlrnThe Ministry of Transportation this week ran out of patience and fined CityPass, the company that operates the Jerusalem light rail,1 million NIS. The ministry explains that after two years of operating the service CityPass failed to meet its commitment; citing the service is 20% slower than promised, machine to obtain rider cards and recharge smart cards are too few in number and operate too slowly.

Ministry officials cite growing passenger frustration, especially when riders try buying a rider card as trains approach, as the machines are very slow in responding and often not operational.

CityPass released a statement that is transports 130,000 commuters daily, in safety and comfort, and the introduction of the service to the city has resulted in a more aesthetic capital and improved quality of life for residents. Officials add that today, there are no delays other than those caused by outside factors such as suspicious objects.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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