Rav Who Predicted Trump’s Victory Based On The Parsha Predicts Winner Of Israeli Elections


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Rav Meir Turnheim, a Chabbad chassid who lives in Lod has successfully predicted the results of past political elections in Israel and throughout the world with great accuracy, basing his predictions on a specific complex method of singling out letters from one passuk in the parsha read in the week of the elections in the section read on the day of the elections. At times, his predictions were proven true despite the fact that all other predictions and polls predicted otherwise.

According to his predictions for the Israeli elections on Monday, Rav Turnheim claims that based on his method, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will win the elections, as his name is mentioned ten times in the parsha (Parshas Tzevah) and Gantz’s name is not even mentioned once.

“I predict he [Netanyahu] will win,” said Rav Turnheim. “He was mentioned only once [in the previous elections] and this time he’s mentioned ten times.”

Rav Turnheim said that he began delving into this topic due to the fact that he grew up with the truth that everything that happens in the world is written in the Torah and it’s clear that such an important topic [political elections] is also contained within the Torah.

Rav Turnheim told B’Chadrei Chareidim in the past that he does this as a hobby. “As a Yehudi ma’amin, I grew up on the truth that everything is written in the Torah and therefore I searched in the Chumash of the day of the elections before all the elections in Israel for the past 20 years and found the name of the winner clearly identified through singling out letters.”

“Before the 2015 Israeli elections, when it seemed that Netanyahu has no chance whatsoever against the coalition of Tzipi Livni and Yitzchak Herzog, I found in the pessukim that Netanyahu will win.” [Netanyahu won a resounding victory in 2015 despite all predictions that the left would win.]

“My neighbor who works in the media and heard [me saying] this, asked me if I’m prepared to say this publicly. I agreed and broadcast it live on Radio Kol Chai and I was also interviewed by Walla News. It seems like this shita works and according to what was written in the Torah, Netanyahu really did surprise [everyone] and won.”

“Ten months before Trump’s victory, when I saw how crucial these elections were for the world and how much everyone was talking about them, I searched for the election results, and indeed [my] prediction [according to my shita based on the Torah] was proven and Trump won,” Rav Turnheim said. “I was interviewed by several media outlets before the elections. My predictions seemed unrealistic but whatever is written in the Torah ha’kedosha is fulfilled.”

Rav Turnheim also predicted French President Emmanuel Macron’s victory over Marine Le Pen in 2017 and the loss of Dutch politician Geert Wilders in the 2017 elections in the Netherlands.

“There was a Jew that started putting on tefillin after he lost a bet that Clinton will win,” Rav Turnheim said, according to Collive. “He saw that everything is written in the Torah and did teshuvah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. ”I predict he [Netanyahu] will win,” said Rav Turnheim. “He was mentioned only once [in the previous elections] and this time he’s mentioned ten times.”“

    How is he mentioned? His first name? His last name? Where is he mentioned?

    So many unanswered questions

  2. bibi Netanyahu we are praying for you !!!!good luck for all the right parts ש”ס -דגל -ימינה you should have success and all the LEFT crazy parties fall sooo bad like never before TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!! BIBI 2020!!!!

  3. Although I find these types of things distasteful, in this instance i find it ok. Probably because this rabbi, while presumably being a talmid chacham, has no great reputation that hangs in the balance here. He doesnt represent myself or any specific segment of jewry. Therefore, his authenticity or lack thereof has no ramifications further than his own reputation. And the upside, obviously, is that he may very well be right.

    @coffee addict
    your comment, i am afraid, is an example of this generations brazen foolishness. This rabbi claims to have studied and deciphered a method for seeing real events in the torah, in “real – time” so to speak. And you say there is so many more questions than answers? Have you never heard the mashal of the novice who sits in the cockpit of a fighter jet? The man, overcome by the complex array of buttons and knobs, asks the pilot “what does THIS button do”?
    The pilot turns to him and says, when you have an iota of an inkling of what the functions of this plane are i can begin to answer those questions, till then, it would do you no good to explain this button!
    Well, now you heard it, that should take care of your questions.

  4. Some people have trouble reading plain simple English. Then they start posting questions and comments. This makes a mockery of themselves.

    The article states clearly: “basing his predictions on a specific complex method of singling out letters from one passuk”.

    Read slowly: Specific. Complex. Method. Singling out letters.

    Coffee Addict – “How is he mentioned? His first name? His last name? Where is he mentioned?”

    Specific. Complex. Method. Singling out letters.

    The Frum Goy – “I don’t see any reference to the Prime Minister’s name in any of those “Mar’ei Mekomos.” ”

    Specific. Complex. Method. Singling out letters.

    qwer – “How is bibi’s name mentioned ten times and beni’s only once-they are both called Binyomin????”

    Specific. Complex. Method. Singling out letters.

    If this specific, complex method was so obvious, then any one of us would be able to open the chumash and make such predictions.

    The GRA z”l was able to find everything in Parshas Ha’azinu including the name of his wayward student Avner and the prediction of his teshuva.

  5. > 147

    One supposes that he searches how many times a given name is found. Until all the relevant candidates are known (and certainly they are not known for 2024, and even 2020 is not finalized) he does not know which names to search for in the first place. He never claimed he predicts the candidates.

  6. For all the mockers, here’s a good one:

    Haman is found in the CHumash!

    Hashem asked Adam “Hamin HaEtz” did you eat from the tree that I prohibited. “Hamin” is spelled just like Haman. Ok, the vowels are not the same, but the letters are!

    Are you gonna laugh at this Chazal too?!