In Milan: Father Of 4, Well-Known Member Of Jewish Kehilla, Dies Of The Coronavirus


Giorgio Chaim Sinigaglia, z’l, 54, a well-known member of the Jewish kehilla in Milan, Italy, succumbed to the coronavirus on Monday.

Sinigaglia was well-known for his generosity and volunteer work for Jewish causes in the community, including hachnasas orchim, volunteering with the elderly, visiting the sick, collecting funds for various causes and ensuring the security needs of the Jewish community.

Friends and relatives say he was always b’simcha, had a wonderful sense of humor and was a wonderful father to his four children.

There are 69,176 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Italy and 6,820 deaths, double the amount of deaths that China has suffered. The epicenter of the outbreak is in the Lombardy region, where Milan is located.



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