“Bnei Brak is turning into Italy, almost every Chareidi is infected”


A senior doctor in a hospital in central Israel warned about the travesty that could occur in Bnei Brak on Channel 12 News on Friday. “What’s happening in Bnei Brak is like what’s happening in Italy,” the doctor said.

“Almost every Chareidi [in Bnei Brak] who is tested is positive for the coronavirus. There are families with a 100% infection rate. The Health Ministry needs to go door to door and remove the patients from their homes. If not, in another few weeks they’ll be coming in masses.”

“Every minute an ambulance from Bnei Brak pulls up with a coronavirus patient,” a nurse who works in Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer said. “Masses of people. Even people defined as being in light condition need oxygen. The X-rays of their lungs are all horrible. We see black lungs on patients who are only showing light symptoms.”

Health Ministry reports show that Bnei Brak has the highest percentage of coronavirus cases in Israel relative to its population, with 267 cases as of Friday, which is 0.1% of its population of 260,000.

Tel Aviv is in second place, with 211 cases, which is 0.05% of its population of 435,000.

The Gush Etzion town of Efrat, which suffered a serious outbreak of the coronavirus, is in third place – 46 of its 11,500 residents are infected with the coronavirus or 0.05% of the population. Telzstone is in 4th place, with 30 cases of the coronavirus among its 6,000 residents, or 0.5% of its population.

In numbers alone, the top ten cities are: Jerusalem, the city with the largest population in Israel, with 352 cases, followed by Bnei Brak (267), Tel Aviv (211), Ashkelon (78), Rishon L’Tzion (76), Modiin (63), Petach Tikvah (63), Ashdod (58), Migdal Haemek (57), and Ramat Gan (55).


  1. this is a list of people (most in the same household) who are now in isolation it would be helpful to know how many different locations

  2. I’m sorry – this is ridiculous. Bnei Brak is like Italy – with 267 cases out of a population of some 300,00-400,000? Some of which are light? And no deaths? Here’s an idea – don’t look at the x-rays. If they don’t know that they “need” oxygen, they’ll be fine, like the mild cases everywhere else. Read the article carefully – nobody is accused of any wrongdoing. This article smacks of making Charedim look bad for no reason, to me.
    Don;t get me wrong – everyone must be exceedingly careful, and follow the guidelines. But hyperbole based on fear of the unknown will do nothing but sow panic and help no one.

  3. mugisme. Deaths from flu average at 0.1% or 1 in 1000. for coronavirus its around 3% or 1 in 33. in the over 70s its around 16%. now don’t be a fool STAY INSIDE!

  4. adam613, your figures are out of date. The Lancet medical journal today says the mortality rate is actually 0.66 % and that figure will also decrease as more accurate statistics on the real numbers of infected are verified.

    Re: “black” lungs on x-ray. When I worked as an x-ray technician “black” lungs meant a person’s lungs were clear and healthy. Go figure.