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Crunching The Numbers: Bill De Blasio – King Of The Jews


Bill de Blasio is the King of the Jews and it wasn’t even close. While Anthony Wiener had the record and Bill Thompson had the relationships, Bill de Blasio had the votes. He trounced Anthony Weiner, the only Jewish candidate, and Bill Thompson among Jewish voters, the exit poll by Edison Research showed.

According to the exit poll, Jews made up 19% of the electorate in the Democratic primary, ultimately playing a determining factor in handing Mr. de Blasio a decisive victory. Overall, Mr. de Blasio received 39% of the Jewish vote citywide, Quinn received 24% of the Jewish vote, Thompson 22% and Weiner a mere 4 percent.

A pre-election day poll published September 9 by NBC 4 NY/WSJ/Marist had Jewish Democrats split relatively evenly among Quinn, de Blasio, and Thompson.

“This is like a post-racial election. I don’t know if I could ever remember a race where a black guy is (close to) losing the black vote, the woman is losing the woman vote, the Jewish guy is losing the Jewish vote. It’s quite impressive,” Edison Research Executive Vice President Joe Lenski said.

In Borough Park, Bill Thompson, who was considered to be the favorite among orthodox Jews, won only 5 precincts, ultimately losing in all the remaining precincts 2-1 to Bill de Blasio. On the other hand, Bill Thompson carried almost every precinct in the Jewish neighborhoods in Williamsburg.

We will have more updates on the Jewish vote once we crunch all the numbers and conduct a general analysis.

What remains to be seen is, how Mr. de Blasio would fare in the general against the Republican Joe Lhota, who himself is Jewish, in the neighborhoods that are considered to be one of the largest Republican strongholds in general elections.

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  1. I don’t think the title of this article is appropriate, “Bill De Blasio is the King of the Jews” i know its not to be taken literally but we have one King, Hashem. Just doesnt seem that its the best title to be used.

  2. My reading is that in an election in which neither candidate is seen as especially anti-Semitic nor especially friendly to frum Jews, Jews divide similarly to the rest of the population, which isn’t really a hiddush.

  3. dont u think that Bill de Blasio won because of his truck going around boro park BLARRING in yiddish and that almost allthe chassidisis backed him?

  4. “Bill De Blasio – King Of The Jews”

    I guess I’ll have to replace my Rosh Hashana machzor 🙁 I kind of liked it, but it cant convey idea contrary to a YWN news headline.

  5. #6: Take a look at Board of Election results of general elections in any heavily Orthodox Jewish districts. They are public information available on government websites.

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