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Color-War Continues: Satmar Just Can’t Stop The Fighting

satAs we can all see, each Satmar faction (Zaly & Aroni) are claiming victory in this week’s primary Election for NYC Mayor.

This is the latest (unedited) press release sent to YWN by the Zaly faction of Satmar. [It should be noted that any press release by the Aronim will also be published – unedited. No press release has been sent as of this time.]

Headline is: Williamsburg Jewish Community’s Thompson-backed Slate Dominates Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish Turnout

Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Sept. 12, 2013) – The United Williamsburg Jewish community affiliated with the Zalmanite group, the most reliable Jewish bloc in NYC, once again delivered more votes than any other Jewish group or neighborhood in the City.

In Williamsburg, the group trounced the Aronie slate by a 2:1 margin in the most heavily Chasidic concentrated Election Districts. For example, IS71 on Heyward Street, the largest polling site and most exclusive Hasidic ED, had 1,940 votes for Thompson (64 percent) versus 1,083 votes for de Blasio (35 percent). Thompson handedly won Williamsburg proving to be one of his strongest bases of support.

The slate also delivered for Councilman Steve Levin. Eighty-one percent of votes in the heavily Jewish areas, which was 45 percent of his total votes, supported the incumbent as he ran in a competitive race against Stephen Pierson who was supported by the Aronie sect. Levin’s council race had the second largest turnout in the city of any council race.

Though fewer people voted in Flatbush, Borough Park and Midwood, the Williamsburg community’s affiliated constituents provided additional support solidifying Thompson’s win in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community.

“Other groups promise the world each election cycle, but as in each and every election year, we are the ones that actually deliver the votes. Our voice and issues matter, which is why Williamsburg is a must visit for candidates running for public office,” said Abe Deutsch.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. Oy. They’re so far removed from the norms of this country, or any civilization for that manner, that they write openly how they are “reliable” and vote in a block fashion. They truly believe it’s a plus.

  2. #2: Voting as a bloc vote is a democratic right and privilege. The African-American community does the same with their 95-98% vote for Democrat Party candidates. Anyone can do so. And it is effective and should be encouraged as it brings results. The Chasidim have effectively used this for decades.

  3. Interesting way of looking at it. Interesting that they didn’t mention that they used illegal tactics to get people into the polls, and even having underage citizens try to sneak in and sign fraudulently for other people.

  4. #5: Please stop believing and disseminating sheker you picked up from arayan nation websites. The NYPD spokesman said there were no attempts at fraud in those voting districts.

  5. Why don’t you add my comment, because you don’t like it?

    Moderators Note: Sign your name to it, and we will post it. Or should we do it for you? C.B.

  6. 5 & 6: The goal is to win, the means to reach the end is not the discussion when it comes to funding, grants, zoning rules, busing, etc.

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