Zürich: Rav Natan Menachem Greenwald, Z’l, Is Niftar From COVID-19


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Rav Natan Menachem (Nati) Greenwald, z’tl, a well-known member of the Chareidi community in Zürich, Switzerland passed away from the coronavirus late last week at the age of 75.

Members of the Zürich community told B’Chadrei Chareidim that R’ Natan was a respected member of the community who davened with dveikus and dedicated much of his time to Torah learning, especially in the last few years after he retired.

This is the second death due to the coronavirus in the frum community in Zürich, with the first being R’ Yehoshua Rubinfeld, z’l, a member of the Gerrer community, who passed away while on a trip to the States at the age of 71.

There are currently 29, 817 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Switzerland and 1,467 fatalities. The outbreak began in the canton of Ticino, which borders on Italy.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)