Gerrer Chassidim Call Out Against Protests in Romema, Disperse Crowd [VIDEO]

Photo: ישי ירושלמי, VIP

After three consecutive nights of stormy protests on Rechov Yirmiyahu in Yerushalayim against the government-imposed lockdown of Romema, Kiryat Belz and Kiryat Sanz, leaders of the Gerrer chassidus have called for the protests to be halted, Kikar H’Shabbos reported.

Rav Chaim Bunim Shatz instructed Gerrer chassidim – on the Gerrer internal phone system – to refrain from participating in the protests due to the spiritual and physical risk they pose.

“In light of the ongoing gatherings in the areas of the lockdown in Romema, we’re requesting that you exercise caution due to the spiritual and physical risks,” Rav Shatz said on the phone hotline. “Everyone should distance themselves from these places and should not be present in the area or pass by during the gatherings.”

A number of Gerrer avreichim who live near the area where the protests have been taking place dispersed the protesters on Tuesday night and tried convincing the teenagers to go home.

Nearby residents have been complaining that the protestors are not even residents of the area but are teenagers who come to the neighborhood looking for “action.” Many apartment residents in nearby buildings hung up large signs stating that they are pained by the lockdown but condemn protests against the police. “Zeh lo darkeinu” – “this is not our way” – the signs stated.

The residents published a message: “We’re pained by the imposition of a lockdown on the residents of the neighborhood…but in no way is it justified to turn our neighborhood into a center of protests and violence which contradicts the derech of Torah.”

“The residents of the neighborhood call to the public to stop coming to protest against the police. We’ll do everything we can to keep youth away who come and give in to their basest instincts.”

“The residents of the neighborhood are equipped with cameras and will film illegal activities and the material will be transferred to the police.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m grateful for these demonstrations to cease! This is not our Derech! Just curious who made Gerrer the baalebatims of the world?
    Also, the following quote from the article: “The residents of the neighborhood are equipped with cameras and will film illegal activities and the material will be transferred to the police.” Is that in accordance with Torah? Isn’t that unadulterated מסירה?

  2. “I see the standout losers as countries like Austria, Australia and Israel that had very strict lockdown but didn’t have many cases. They have damaged their economies, caused massive social damage, damaged the educational year of their children, but not obtained any herd immunity.”

    Michael Levitt, PhD, professor of structural biology at Stanford University. Nobel Prize in chemistry.

  3. Kids are bored; they like seeing excitement. Bochrim are stupid; they like to engage the police. Ger has a rebbi with a brain and they listen to him.

  4. Watch the news people.
    In a couple of days you will see Ger getting permits to expand and build a couple of new schools and yeshivos around yerusholayim
    I wonder why….
    Maybe in exchange for “helping out and staying out the way”

  5. To all those who claim they are not allowed to report these morons to the police, please realize the following. At the start of the previous restrictions, R’ Chaim Kanievski was asked whether one should report those who are flouting the rules in regards to Corona (such as those operating minyanim when all minyanim were shut down). R’Chaim said they should and refer red to people break ing these rules as none other than the wonderful title of RODEIF.

    Still think these residents shouldn’t report the morons?

  6. Yapchik and PSC, I know of an issur on המוסר ממון חבירו לנכרים, וכ״ש גופו. But I’ve never heard of any issur in doing so to Jews. In Eretz Yisroel the authorities are Jews, so where is the issur?

  7. Yaapchik
    I really dont understand you. You say you are grateful that the demonstartions stopped, and then go and make an offensive comment against the people who did it!!
    Clearly Ger have acted responsibly and deserve your (and everyones) thanks!

  8. Going outside for protest during this “pandemic” is not a pikuach nefesh because this virus doesn’t kill anywhere near the flu. Of all the 140K Coronavirus deaths in America, less than 11k are listed as passing due to Coronavirus. The rest died WITH it, (at least supposedly, becuz if someone dies and later they find out that he was in contact with a Coronavirus infected person, then that’s counted as a coronavirus death!) If these reshoim robot policemen actually cared about the “pandemic” they wouldn’t be touching any of them. Informing on other Jews for “violating the lockdown” and other such nonsense is a MAJOR aveira