IDF Thwarts Terror Attack Near Shechem, Arrests 4 Suspects


IDF forces operating in the area of Nablus (Shechem) thwarted a planned terror attack on Wednesday. The terror cell, which was comprised of four operatives, had in their possession an improvised explosive device and two Molotov cocktails. They are suspected of possessing these items with the intent of carrying out a terror attack on a Jewish target in the area.

The suspects as well as the explosives were transferred to Israel’s Security Service for further investigation and questioning.

A statement by the IDF Spokesperson’s Department said: “The IDF will continue to act in order to protect the safety of the region and thwart any attempts at terror attacks.”

This is the second attempted attack in as many days in the Nablus region. The first attack took place when a traveling car opened fire on an IDF post near the city. Forces in the area are still searching for those involved in yesterday’s drive-by-shooting attempt.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)