28-Yr.-Old Chassid From Zurich Preparing To Submit Offer To Buy El Al


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A 28-year-old Vizhnitzer chassid has expressed interest in purchasing El Al Airline, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

Yisrael Rosner, a resident of Zurich, Switzerland, is very interested in purchasing the airline and business associates say that he’s prepared to offer a larger sum than the businessmen who preceded him.

Rosner has already met with top Israeli lawyers about his plan to submit an offer to the company.

According to the report, Rosner began his business career in Switzerland and already has a name as a leading businessman. The majority of his business interests are in Switzerland but he had branched out to England as well.

As a Vizhnitzer chassid, he often consults with the Vizhnitzer Rebbe. Those close to him added that he maintains a home near the tzion of Reb Shayele Kerestirer in Hungary, where he (prior to the pandemic) travels several times a year.

Rosner is reportedly the fourth investor interested in purchasing El Al, following Eli Rozenberg, the only one who has officially submitted an offer as of yet, Meir Gurwitz and David Sapir.

However, according to the B’Chadrei report, although Gurwitz has consulted with several Rabbanim about buying El Al, it is not yet clear whether he will actually submit an offer.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. But he does not hold Israeli citizenship which is a requisite, as we’ve been told when Kenny Rozenberg was interested. That is why Eli had to step in!

  2. Yaapchik , my assumption- it’s likely over for Rozenberg. Kenny is a skilled and experienced negotiator, businessman, and leader. Eli may mean well, but it’s like competing against the big leagues, which Eli won’t be able to succeed with. It’s a shame, because someone else will come in and grab it up.