Israel: “If Lockdown Is Flouted, We’ll See The Dead On The Streets Like In Italy,” Health Official Says

Israel Police Spokesperson

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Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kisch said this week that if the Israeli public chooses to ignore lockdown regulations that are going into effect on Friday, the health system situation will become so dire that “there will be dead people in the streets like in New York and Italy.”

“If those who say the virus is ‘nothing’ until they see dead in the streets, chas v’chalilah, like in New York and Italy, if they want to spread the virus to us all, then that’s what will happen,” Kisch said on Channel 12 News.

“I hope the public understands how critical it is…that we are reaching numbers that are on the verge of being uncontrollable.”

Currently, there are 1,163 Israelis hospitalized with about half in serious condition.

“I’ve seen it all,” the head nurse of the ICU at Ichilov Hospital told Army Radio on Thursday. “I was by all the terror attacks. But I’ve never been this scared. I’m frightened we won’t be able to care for everyone.”

A report by Hebrew University and Hadassah researchers on Thursday predicts a significant increase in the number of seriously ill patients in the coming days and another 1,000 – 2,500 fatalities. The reports stresses that an effective lockdown is absolutely essential in light of the risk of the health system collapsing.

A report by the IDF’s Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center earlier this week said that the coronavirus has spread throughout the country with an exponential increase in the infection rate. On September 1, 81% of Israelis lived in areas with rising infection rates and by September 8, that number rose to 97%. The cities of Be’er Sheva and Holon, which had low infection rates in recent weeks, were designated as “red zones” this week.

There has also been a rise in infections in children aged 10 -19 due to the opening of the educational system. Health Ministry Deputy Director-General Prof. Itamar Grotto said on Thursday that it was a mistake to reopen schools on September 1.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Covid is a total scam. The lethality if 0.01%. That means 99.99% of people are not dying or sick. What the fudge kind of deadly laboratory designed virus 🦠 only kills
    0.01% ? It’s a non event. This covid thing is being hyped and exasperated by corrupt world governments, corrupt media, corrupt drug companies and of course the elite people like Bill Gates which is a saint who wants the whole world to be vaccinated by His vaccine. It’s all about taking our freedoms away, making us live in fear, and mandating and injecting everyone on earth with a vaccine. It’s problem reaction solution. Masses are following for it like sheep. Also during covid situation these past months, banks have strongly been pushing going cashless and media has been pushing hard the cashless agenda. This created fake crisi is being used to advance a bunch of evil globalist new world order agendas. I hope my Jewish brethren are awake and speak out.

  2. Completely agree with Canuck, its a nothing virus. Of the +180k corona deaths in America, ONLY 6% were deaths FROM corona. The rest died WITH it, not from it. That’s only 9k deaths, much less than the average flu kills. Of the other 170k deaths, they all had pre existing conditions, and 2-5 other diseases NOT including corona. And these same diseases (Diabetes, Heart disease, cancer, HIV, etc) kill millions in America every year on average. All this information can be found the CDC website. Please stop being afraid, thats what the Elite want you to do, they get pleasure from the people’s fears! Only fear Hashem Yisborach !

  3. The media wants to hype the fear and make people feel desperate enough to want to get vaccinated. That’s why they come out with all these pretty numbers and supposedly researched data. They want the public to fall for the bait hook line and sinker.