Israeli Rapid COVID-19 Gargle Test To Be Launched In European Airports

Eli Assoolin, CEO of Newsight, Professor Eli Schwartz of Sheba Medical Center and Eyal Yatskan, co-founder of Newsight, with the rapid gargle tests. (Photo: Newsight)

A rapid COVID-19 gargle test developed in Israel is being launched in European airports.

The test works by having travelers gargle with a small amount of special mouthwash and then spitting into a test tube, eliminating the need for swabbing and lab processing. The test can instantly detect the presence of COVID-19 in the saliva.

A trial of the test in Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv, where it was developed together with Newsight Imaging, showed a 95% accuracy rate.

The tests will be piloted in two Europan airports within days or weeks. During the initial phase, passengers who test positive will be tested again with a standard swab test.

Sheba Online

Sheba and Newsight Imaging have partnered in the newly formed Virusight Diagnostic, which signed an agreement with ICTS Europe, a major security company servicing over 120 airports in 23 countries.

“Tests will be immediate, affordable and monitored, so that airports and airlines can optimize the level of safety by mitigating the risk of COVID-19 infection,” Newsight stated.

The technology behind the test utilizes artificial intelligence via a spectral technological device that utilizes light waves to analyze the molecular content of saliva samples.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem & AP)


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