BASED ON THE TORAH: He Predicted Trump’s 1st Victory: “Trump Will Win Again”

Rav Meir Turnheim predicts that Trump will win Biden. (Trump: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Biden: AP Photo/Morry Gash, Pool)

Rav Meir Turnheim, a Chabbad chassid who lives in Lod, Israel, has successfully predicted the results of political elections in Israel and throughout the world with great accuracy, with his most notable predictions being Trump’s victory in 2016 against all odds and Netanyahu’s unexpected victory in 2015. Most recently, as YWN reported, he predicted that Netanyahu will win the Israeli elections in March.

Rav Turnheim, who has successfully predicted the results of every Israeli election since 1996, bases his predictions on a specific complex method of singling out letters from one passuk in the parsha read in the week of the elections in the section read on the day of the elections.

So who will win the upcoming U.S. election? According to Rav Turnheim’s decisive answer based on the Torah, incumbent US President Donald Trump will be victorious over Joe Biden, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

Rav Turnheim’s name has become known since he successfully predicted Trump’s unexpected victory in 2016, and journalists and politicians turn to him weeks or even months before elections asking him to share his predictions. Rav Turnheim usually shares his prediction only shortly before the election but this time he decided to share it ahead of time due to the fact that he views Trump as a President who protects Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael, who fights against terror and countries hostile to Israel, and who is a shalich in fulfilling the nevuos of the Tanach.

Rav Turnheim stated that Trump’s victory appears in Parshas Vayera in Perek Yud Tes in pessukim 1, 9, 11, 12, 15, 17, 19, and 20. The words that appear in these pessukim [through his special shita] are:

  • טראמפ יעלה וינצח – Trump will arise and be victorious.
  • (טראמפ יעלה וינצח (פעם שניה בפסוק הבא – (The same words appear in the next passuk.)
  • דונלד טראמפ ינצח/טראמפ ינצח את גו ביידן – Donald Trump will be victorious/ Trump will win Joe Biden.
  • טראמפ ינצח את ביידן – Trump will win Biden.
  • טראמפ ינצח ויהיה נשיא ארהב – Trump will win and be the President of the United States.
  • (טראמפ ינצח ויהיה נשיא ארהב (פעם שניה בפסוק הבא – (The same words appear in the next passuk)
  • דולנד טראמפ ינצח את גו ביידן ויהיה נשיא – Donald Trump will win Joe Biden and will be the President.
  • טראמפ הוא המנצח. הוא יהיה הנשיא – Trump is the winner. He will be the President.

Rav Turnheim met with the chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, Mark Zell, a month and a half ago, before the Yamim Tovim, and shared his results with him. Zell was of course delighted by the results and said he would share them with Trump and with the tens of millions of U.S. citizens who believe in the Tanach.

Rav Turnheim with Mark Zell, chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel.

Rav Turnheim began delving into his unique hobby after contemplating that according to the truth that he grew up with – that everything that happens in the world is contained within the Torah – it must be that such an important topic [Israeli and international elections] is also found in the Torah.

“As a Yehudi ma’amin, I grew up on the truth that everything is written in the Torah,” Rav Turnheim told B’Chadrei in the past. “Therefore I searched in the Chumash of the day of the elections before all the elections in Israel for the past 20 years and found the name of the winner clearly identified through singling out letters.”

“Before the 2015 Israeli elections, when it seemed that Netanyahu had no chance whatsoever against the coalition of Tzipi Livni and Yitzchak Herzog, I found in the pessukim that Netanyahu will win.” [Netanyahu won a resounding victory in 2015 despite all predictions that the Left would win.]

“My neighbor who works in the media heard [me saying] this and asked me if I’m prepared to say it publicly. I agreed and broadcast my prediction live on Radio Kol Chai and I was also interviewed by Walla News. It seems like this shita works and according to what was written in the Torah, Netanyahu really did surprise [everyone] and win.”

“Ten months before Trump’s victory, when I saw how crucial these elections were for the world and how much everyone was talking about them, I searched for the election results, and indeed [my] prediction [according to my shita based on the Torah] was proven and Trump won,” Rav Turnheim said. “I was interviewed by several media outlets before the elections. My predictions seemed unrealistic but whatever is written in the Torah Ha’Kedosha is fulfilled.”

Rav Turnheim also predicted French President Emmanuel Macron’s victory over Marine Le Pen in 2017 and the loss of Dutch politician Geert Wilders in the 2017 elections in the Netherlands – both results were contrary to what the polls predicted.

“There was a Jew that started putting on tefillin after he lost a bet that Clinton will win,” Rav Turnheim said, according to Collive. “He saw that everything is written in the Torah and did teshuvah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There was all kinds of beliefs for the redemption to come in the year 5760 (2000) from a sefer Amudeho Shiva who says that a mikva has 40 sah. Each sah is 144 eggs making 5760 eggs indicating the world will be purified then. Anyway we get what we deserve.

  2. We are in עקבתא דמשיחא, at the ending time of the coming of Meshiach. He will come when we riched the lowest level. We might need a melech kasha kehaman to do teshuva.

  3. You know that if you assign a letter of an alphabet to a specific number, then number Pi contains a sequence that spells ‘Trump will be president’, however another sequence spells ‘Biden will be president’. Coincidentally, there’s a sequence that spells exactly what I just typed, as well as everything written on this site, everything that ever was and will be written, every utterance etc. Now, that’s what I call prophetic.

  4. Hine Eid Sheker Hoeid
    We see from the other pesukim he brings were biden is not mentioned who the winner is. Thats how we know to place trump as the winner before biden in the others.

  5. Response to “Hine Eid Sheker Hoeid”: I have no Idea if this predictor is on to anything, and it is understandable to be skeptical. However, you are saying that without knowing his full Cheshbon, as just like he has the words, he may have the order. Maybe not, and it is whatever it is, but do you know either way for sure?

  6. These are cute hints to what we hope will be. The real danger here though is that if things don’t pan out as this Rabbi is saying is promised by the Torah, that could sow doubt among people chas vshalom.

  7. I’m not at all a pro at this, however, I came across one pattern in Sefer Melochim with a pattern over many pesukim with the opposite results, so I’m glad to see this. It’s fascinating that it’s the exact Parsha of the elections and with so many pesukim.

  8. If I find my name hidden in the Torah, with the word ‘Moshiach’ next to it- Does that mean I am Moshiach? Maybe- instead- it means my son will be alive when Moshiach comes? OR maybe it means I’ll open a restaurant called “Moshiach bar and Grill”…

  9. IF Trump loses, I would ask YWN to run an article about this guy’s explanation of why he – or the Torah, if that is what he thinks – got it wrong.

  10. I guess you could also take a modified version of this shitah and take the second letter of every third word read backwards and conclude that Jared Kushner is moishiach. With all respect, this sounds a bit of “reverse engineering” from a talmid chacham with an agenda.

  11. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    Hine Eid Sheker Hoeid
    We see from the other pesukim he brings were biden is not mentioned who the winner is. Thats how we know to place trump as the winner before biden in the others.

  12. I HAVE A SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR GIMATRIOS AND ALMOST EVERY COMBINATION I TRIED CAME UP WITH A POSUK FOR TRUMP winning IN פ וירא בין שלישי לרביעי which is election day. nothing for biden. just interesting, we are not NEVIYIM but its food for thought.

  13. I’m not a poisek but isn’t their a lav in the Torah to do such predictions. It’s also very dangerous for non believers if Hashem CH”V decides differently.

  14. @michael23 Literally any. That’s the great thing about irrational numbers (numbers that cannot be expressed as a simple fraction) – it’s an INFINITE string of numbers with non-repeating patterns, therefore somewhere in there you’ll be able to find the “War and Peace”, “Hamlet”, the entire Torah, and even the words that I just wrote. Infinity is an awesome thing! But as far as finding ‘meaningful phrases’ according to the method of this article, you can do it with any large enough book, like anything by Dickens, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, DeLillo, David Foster Wallace, you name it. It’s just math.