WATCH: Israeli Star Chaim Yisrael Sings ‘Shabchi Yerushalayim’ To Dubai Sheikh In UAE

Sheikh Hamed bin Khalifa bin Muhammad al-Nahian & Chaim Yisrael.

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About 100 Jews were hosted over Shabbos in the Jewish center in Dubai, headed by Chabad Rav Rabbi Levi Duchman and president of the community Solly Wolf, including famed Israeli singers Chaim Yisrael and Omar Adam, ZAKA chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, and Chareidi askan Meir Bernstein.

Chaim Yisrael, a popular Mizrachi Israeli singer who was the voice behind a song honoring the UAE leadership even before the Israel/UAE deal, received an official invitation to visit Dubai from UAE officials and Wolf.

Both Yisrael and Adam’s birthdays were on Thursday and Sheikh Hamed bin Khalifa bin Muhammad al-Nahian, one of the ruling class members of Dubai, invited them for a party on Thursday night to celebrate their birthdays and perform for the members of the Dubai ruling class. The gathering took place at a kosher restaurant.

Yisraeli sang “Shabchi Yerushalayim” in honor of the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE as well as “HaNosein Teshua L’Melachim,” a tefilla requesting Hashem to bless the local government, which was released prior to the Israel/UAE deal and was widely shared on Emirati and international media.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Its OK as part of the new reality of doing whatever is necessary to get photo ops promoting Bibi and Trump’s “peace agreements’. Apparently, he had a heter from the local Iman to skip the “yarmulke stuff” so as not to offend his hosts. Anything to promote peace is great for EY but the timing and the blatant politicization of these agreements is a bit over the top. Hopefully, they will be more than optics and will result in more substantive outcomes in the years to come. i