“Up To 10 Countries To Make Peace With Israel After Election,” Trump Says


US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that up to ten more Muslim countries, with five being definite, are set to make peace with Israel.

Trump, who was speaking to the press prior to boarding Air Force 1 on his way to a campaign rally, was asked about the possibility of more Muslim countries recognizing Israel, following in the path of the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan. He responded: “We have five, but probably nine or 10 right in the mix. We’ll have a lot. I think we’ll have all of them…we have five definites.”

Trump added that progress on further peace agreements will be largely after the election. “We’re doing a lot of work right now. I’m involved in all these deals. The beauty is peace in the Middle East with no money and no blood, there’s no blood all over the sand. We have five definites and I think we’ll have another five “pretty much definites.” And all of them – the big ones, and the smaller ones.”

Trump added that the most recent peace deal with Sudan was a “great get” due to their past tremendous hostility to Israel.”

The president concluded by saying that his approach to the Middle East has been “a much different way than we’ve been doing for the last 30 years, so we’re very excited.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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