WATCH THIS: A Heartfelt Kumzitz On The Sand Dunes Of Dubai


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A historic kumzitz was held around a campfire in the Dubai desert on Tuesday night as Jews living in Dubai, Israeli tourists, and what appeared to be some Emirati locals sat together and sang soulful songs of yearning.

“Higiah hazeman l’geulaschem”(“הגיע זמן גאולתכם”) was sung followed by “Salaam [peace in Arabic] upon us and on the entire world.”

The kumzitz was organized by the Jewish Community Center in the Beis Chabad in Dubai. Rabbi Levi Duchman, Chabad shaliach to the UAE and the only resident Rav in the country, can be seen in the videos participating in the kumzitz.

In other Israeli/Dubai news, Israelis singers Chaim Yisrael and Shuki Salomon, who are currently in the UAE, filmed a clip in the Dubai desert singing a new song, Shiras HaBakashos, that Salomon wrote and composed. The full song and video will be published in about two weeks.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)