J Street, Hamas & EU Denounce Killing Of “Father” Of Iran’s Nuclear Program

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami (J Street); Hamas (Photo: AP)

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The leftist Jewish “pro-peace” lobby group J Street denounced the killing of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, claiming that the assassination was intended “to sabotage” efforts of US President-elect Joe Biden to reenter the Iran nuclear deal.

“It seems those who oppose the JCPOA will stop at nothing to kill the agreement once and for all,” J Street president Jeremy Ben-Ami stated.

The European Union released a statement on Saturday stating that the assassination was “a criminal act and runs counter to the principle of respect for human rights the EU stands for.”

Opposition leader Yair Lapid slammed the EU for condemning the elimination, saying that “the fact that the European Union is condemning the justified assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist instead of [condemning] Iran’s efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction and export terrorism all over the world represents moral bankruptcy and abject cowardice.”

Hamas also lent its moral voice to Fakhrizadeh’s assassination. Hamas head Ismail Haniyeh called Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to condemn the killing, saying that “the assassination reflects a criminal mentality that allows murder in broad daylight.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. My next prediction: Expect “Jewish” Democrats who pollute this forum with Marxist propaganda also denounce killing of this Iranian terrorist.

  2. J Street is more like a back alley. It is not Jewish and certainly not pro peace.
    They are now in good company with the EU and Hamas.
    Next is probably NK.

  3. Now that the EU has criticized this necessary move, we surely know that this was the correct move and course of action to have been bestowed upon this beast/savage before he could earn even more Gehinom for himself.

  4. 0bama’s CIA chief John Brennan also condemned it. There have been rumors for years that he is a secret Moslem, and he’s certainly given no indication that it’s not true.