REVEALED: Read The Details Of The Elimination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Image via Daily Mail UK

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Sixty-two people were involved in the plan to eliminate the “father” of Iran’s nuclear program Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, according to Iranian journalist Mohamad Ahwaze, who discovered the information through leaks of senior Iranian officials, The Sun reported.

Ahwaze reported that according to the information he received, 12 team members, whom he described as “highly trained” and “assisted by security and intelligence services abroad,” were stationed in the city of Absard, 80 kilometers east of Tehran, where Fakhrizadeh had a second home.

“Apart from the 12 assassins, another 50 people took part in the assassination by providing logistical support,” Ahwaze said.

The team was aware that Fakhrizadeh was planning on driving from Tehran to Abasard on Friday. They planned the attack at a traffic circle on a boulevard that enters the city. When the nuclear mastermind’s car entered the traffic circle, two snipers, four motorcycles, and a car with four passengers were waiting in ambush with him along with a booby-trapped Nissan pickup.

Fakhrizadeh’s coffin is transported to the funeral procession. (Iranian television screenshot)

A half-hour before Fakhrizadeh arrived at the ambush site in a convoy of three bulletproof cars, the electricity in the area was cut off. As the third car in the convoy passed through the traffic circle, the Nissan exploded with such force that debris was blown at least 300 meters away.

Twelve assassins, including two snipers, then shot at the second car, which contained Fakhrizadeh. The gunmen with the hit squad opened fire on all three cars, initiating a fierce gunfight with Fakhrizadeh’s bodyguards, who were well aware that the man they were protecting was on the Mossad hit list.

“According to Iranian leaks, the leader of the assassination team took Fakhrizadeh out of his car and shot him and made sure he was killed,” Ahwaze tweeted, adding that the hit squad then vanished, having sustained no losses to their team.

A police helicopter arrived at the area and transported Fakhrizadeh and the injured to the hospital, only to find that there was no electricity due to the power being cut. Fakhrizadeh’s body and the injured were instead transported to Tehran.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I see it like this.
    The world is in a Covid pandemic and some members of a Friendship Society (a.k.a. Chevra Kadisha) wanted to fortify Dr. Fakhrizadeh with some 9 mm and 45 caliber antibodies. They administered antibiotics to him with the help of Mr. Glock, Mr. Kalishnikov and perhaps Reb Uzi.
    Thanks to their quick and efficient treatment, Dr. Fakhrizadeh will not have to quarantine for two weeks after his treatment. In fact, these health workers provided him a permanent patur from wearing any form of mask.
    To my friends selling lines of life and health insurance: Please think twice before selling any policy to a person with a physics or engineering degree living in Iran.

  2. Personally i don’t mind but next time warn readers that there are graphics pictures ahead.
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  3. ““Jewish” Democrats are saying kadysh now.”

    More like Hallel.

    No, actually I didn’t say Hallel, but I did skip Tachanun. The death of a rasha is not a day for Tachanun.